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Title: Aunt Pam Part 1

This story took place over 10 years ago. I was 14, well experienced with self-satisfaction and my panty fetish was in it's infancy. I had just "graduated" from junior high in Northern California. The graduating class took an overnight field trip to an amusement park in Southern California. We all piled into a bus and made the drive down to the LA area and after it was over, we were all supposed to get on the bus and drive back. However, my family had planned to start our own vacation to Arizona in a rented car several days afterward so instead of me riding back with the bus, it was decided that I was to stay in LA with my mom's sister, Aunt Pam, whom I hardly knew. My parents made arrangements with the school that I would be picked up by Pam from the hotel we all stayed in as the bus was departing back home. I was to stay with my Aunt Pam for five days and four nights until my parents met up with me at Pam's house after flying down, where we would then drive to AZ.
I wasn't too excited about the whole idea at first, I was a pretty shy kid and on top of that I never really talked to my aunt much. I would see her at family functions every now and then, but we weren't too close. Up to this point I hadn't seen her in a couple years, when she was still married. She had since been divorced, in her early 30s at the time, and living alone in a pretty big house. She and her ex-husband never had children and she hadn't been dating. Maybe my aunt's work as a nurse limited her time to meet new guys.

So after the class trip was over, my aunt shows up to pick me up. She looked like she had put on a few extra pounds but she still looked like the same ol Aunt Pam.. 5'6", 135 lb, shoulder-length dark brown hair, cute face, big boobs, big butt. After saying bye to my classmates (and dodging some of their catcalls directed at my aunt), she helped me get my luggage into her car and we drove off. It was about a 45 minute drive back to her house. She was asking a lot of questions about how I'd been and even made me blush when she asked if I had a girlfriend. I bashfully said no and she left it alone. Once we arrived at her house, I was impressed.. it was very well kept. She showed me around, introduced me to her cat.. then took me out back and showed me the pool! I knew the week wouldn't be too long with a pool to mess around in.

That first night was cool. After I showered and ate, she said she'd be right back and asked me to find something on the TV to watch. I was so excited because she had cable and my family hadn't. I wanted to flip through each and every channel to see what I've been missing, but settled on a movie. When she came back into the room she wasn't wearing much, just a long t-shirt that barely reached the middle of her thighs. I did a double take as she walked past me and into the kitchen. As she knelt down to pick up the catfood tray, I could distinctly make out the grey cotton briefs under her white shirt. Even as she stood at the counter with her back turned I could make out her pantyline, one side was wedged a little more than the other. I couldn't take my eyes of the sight, I knew this was my aunt, I shouldn't be looking at her this way, but I couldn't fight the tent that was pitching in my shorts. I was able to cover myself up with a throw pillow before she made it back into the living room where she sat across from me, feet curled up underneath her. She was eating microwave popcorn and offered me some, I declined because I didn't want to stand. I kept glancing over at her ample thighs,hoping to get another glimpse of her underwear. I think she noticed because a couple times she pulled her shirt down to cover up more.

After the movie, she explained she had work early the next day and I was gonna be on my own for most of the day. I told her I didn't mind, the TV would keep me company. She said I could stay up as long as I wanted as long as I kept the noise down because she sleept with her bedroom door open for the cat. I assured her I would and she retired. By this time I had forgotten about the sexy sight I had seen earlier and started channel surfing like crazy.

It was getting late, close to 2 in the morning by the time I stumbled across the good channel, "the x-rated channel". Apparently my aunt was a subscriber! Immediately my mind switched from tired and ready to sleep to alert and horny. This was some pretty hardcore stuff I was watching, full penetration. I only had magazines I kept at my house to pleasure myself to, this was a prime opportunity to rub one out to some real porn. I was rubbing myself through my shorts, careful not to make too much noise.

After a while, I decided to finish the job in the small bathroom near the garage. I changed the channel back to music videos and hurried to the john, quietly closing the door behind me. I immediately threw off all my clothes and stood over the sink ready to unload when I notice something in the mirror. My aunt had left a pair of white pantyhose drying on a wire hanger. I took them down and brought the crotch to my nose, hoping to catch a nice whiff of musk. Unfortunately it only smelled like detergent so I wrapped them around my dick and stroked. Thoughts of the panty shots my aunt had gave me earlier that night were dancing in my head as I brought myself to climax all over the sink and countertop. It was one of the hardest times I ever came. I was so careless that I accidentally left a few soakmarks on parts of her pantyhose, including a little on the crotch. I dried them off the best I could with toilet paper, hung them back up the way I found them, turned the TV off, walked down the hall to the room I was staying in and went to bed.

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