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Title: Highway Panties

While driving on the highway the other day, I saw some panties on the side of the road. Soon I passed another pair, and some other clothes. I had to stop and pick some of them up for my collection, and to see what vacationer lost their clothes. I walked back to the first pair of panties, and then walked back up the shoulder picking up the rest of the clothes. I threw what I had in the car and started walking again, picking up more panties and sexy tops, and occasionally a pair of shorts or a skirt. I rounded a bend in the road, and met two girls walking along also picking up panties. They said that one of the totes on the back of their camper had come open and left a trail of clothes. I offered to carry what I had back to the camper, as we all had our arms full of clothes by now. The girls invited me in and started to refold all the clothes, I helped too, and one of the girls said I folded wash like I was used to folding panties. I said, blushing, that I was used to folding panties, as I had quite a few of my own. We finished folding, and the girls said that a lot of clothes were still missing. They asked if I had seen more further down the road. I said I had, and that they were in my car around the bend. One of the girls offered me a drink, and I had a margarita. The other girl said she would walk back to my car and get the other clothes from there, so I would have a moment to talk to her friend. The drink left me feeling quite dizzy, and Jen asked if I liked panties, since that was most of what I had picked up alongside the road. I admitted that I did, and Jen asked if I wore panties under my shorts, and jumped on me, reaching up the leg of my shorts to feel my panties. I felt the motorhome bumping a little, and must have looked startled, Jen said it was just Ashley hitching my car to the back of the motorhome. Ashley came in and said she was glad she had hooked my car up to the tow rig, because it looked like I was in no shape to drive.
Jen told Ashley that I was a panty boy, and that was why I was picking up their clothes, and that I was wearing panties right now. Ashley wanted to see, and soon the two of them were on top of me wrestling my clothes off of me. When they saw the purple nylon and lace panties I was wearing. they insisted I model for them, walking up and down the aisle of the motorhome. Jen and Ashley each gave me another pair of panties to model, and insisted that I have another drink after each few minutes of parading around in their panties. I was getting pretty lit up drunk, and the outfits became more daring, first a sheer nightgown and matching panties, then a garter belt and stockings. We started to drive somewhere, and wound up a a WalMart parking lot, they said nobody would bother us there. Jen dared me to go into the WalMart dressed in her clothes and buy some condoms. I was so drunk, that I would have agreed to anything. Jen dressed me in red panties and red garter belt, and very sheer stockings, and topped off the outfit with a pair of white shorts, that did not cover the garter tabs or the stocking tops. She then put a blue satin halter top on me, and gave me a ten dollar bill for the condoms. I came back a few moments later with a box of condoms, and was asked if anyone said anything about my outfit. I said nobody said anything, I used the self check out. Jen said that that just wouldn't do, and told me I had brought the wrong kind of condoms, and that I would have to return them. I might have been drunk, but I could see what was going on here, they just wanted me to have more interaction with people in the store. I had to wait in line at the returns desk, and I saw Jen and Ashley come into the store, and head for the women's clothes. I got back to the motorhome, and found it locked, and had to wait around for them to come back so I could get in. I recieved a lot of stares standing in the parking lot like that. After about a half hour, Ashley and Jen came back to the motorhome with a bag and let me in. They said that they had brought me a present. and showed me the brightest red lipstick I have ever seen. Jen said it was a more permanent kind, that wouldn't wear off, but had to be washed off. The two of them took turns sitting on my lap and applying the lipstick to make sure that my lips looked slutty and wet. They put the second coat on and said I had to sit still while it dried. Jen made more margaritas and I drank most of them, at their urging. Ashley then pulled a pair of white nylon panties with cherries on them from the WalMart bag and told me to put them on. Jen gave me a different pair of shorts to wear, that were shorter and more "see through" than the first ones were. Now I had a lot of stocking top showing, and every cherry too. A couple more drinks, and Ashley told me that my car keys were hanging on the rack where the cherry panties came from, and told me I'd better go get them before the store closed. After twenty humiliating minutes in the panty department trying to find the white and cherry panties, I finally had to ask where they were. The girl played dumb first, saying things like, "I don't know if we have anything like that here", and "maybe they came from a different store". She led me to them after a long time and I went back outside to find the motorome gone, just my car parked there.

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