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Title: Real Sissy Slut

I started to wear girls thongs several years ago. The girlier the better. I love bright pinks and purples.
I love to wear lacy ones and ones with flowers. What really excites me is getting caught wearing them and all my jeans are low waist, so when I bend over, at the supermarket, at the bookstore, anywhere, my pretty thong usually peeps above my waist. I do it very casually and discreetly and always make it seem like I am unaware of the possibility that my thong could be showing. I dress totally normally (jeans and t-shirts) except for the pretty thong. Many women have seen my thong and I always try to act like I have no idea as they laugh or whisper to their girlfriend. Many give me funny or cute looks. Some give me sweet smiles. And obviously some ignore it.

Recently I have been getting more daring and more horny wearing womens thong panties. The last time I bought some new girls thongs, I was near the juniors section of the store and decided to walk through. When I saw some pink mini-skirts, super short, some tight and stretchy and some flared, I got a huge hardon. I kept imagining how nice it would be to wear a little mini-skirt over my tiny, girly thong. It just seems so slutty to wear such an outfit and I felt there was part of me that wanted to be a slutty little girl. I had to buy one and I did. Just holding the mini-skirt gave me a rush. I decided to further complete the outfit by buying a little pink t-shirt with a heart on it. I had never worn a bra before, so I went back to the lingerie section and got a soft, pink bra. I couldn't wait to get home and try on my new outfit, but what really excited me was the thought that someone could see me and use me like the sissy slut that I was.

I am totally straight and have never been with another man, but when I got home and put on my lacy thong, my pink mini-skirt and my little pink bra and t-shirt, I felt like a little slutty girl and I wanted to be taken advantage of. I wanted to be forced to do things to another man. I wanted him to use all my holes and totally treat me like the dirtiest little girl. Our town has a magazine for casual encounters and I made a simple post requesting a handsome man with a beautiful cock to use as he likes a dirty little girl (The post indicated that I was cross dressing). I was really nervous about the whole thing but I was also very excited. I got about twelve responses and several with pictures. Two pictures showed really handsome guys with beautiful, large cocks. As I was still dressed in my little girly outfit when I saw the pictures of the cocks, I myself got totally excited. I had never even looked at other mens cocks before. I responded to one of the guys and he got back to me immediately. We made a plan to meet at my apartment the next day and if I still thought it was okay, I would invite him in (while wearing my girly mini-skirt and pink bra and t-shirt) and he would be able to do anything to me and I would have to obey. I was so nervous as I waited for him to arrive, I had to have a drink.

Finally the doorbell rang and I opened the door. He was quite cute, manly and very straight seeming. I decided to invite him. I was in for quite a surprise.

As soon as he came in, we walked to the center of the living room and he started rubbing his cock and he told me to get on me knees. We didn't talk or say anything else. I had never done anything like this before but I knew I had to do what I was told. My ad said I wanted to be used like a dirty little slut. I imagined myself that slutty girl and got on my knees. He told me to open my mouth and as I did he unzipped his pants and pulled out an enormous and beautiful cock. He slid it right in my virgin mouth. It filled up my whole my mouth and I started to suck on the bulbous head. As his cock filled my mouth, he slid his pants off and then proceeded to hold my head with both his hands and slowly fuck my mouth as I was kneeling on the ground in my little mini-skirt and pink t-shirt. I was surprised how much I loved sucking his cock. I felt like I had to do anything he wanted. After several minutes, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to suck his balls. I proceed to suck and lick each ball. He told me to lick all around his balls and I did that. I was also licking the length of his cock.

And then, what really surprised me, he turned around with his ass facing me and he leaned over the back of the couch. I was there kneeling on the floor with my mouth inches away from his ass as he told me to spread his ass cheeks and lick his asshole. I couldn't help but follow his directions. He smelled clean and I thought it would be okay. I spread his ass cheeks and started to lick around his asshole. I licked up and down his whole ass crack and all around his tight asshole. He told me to spread his ass cheeks further and force my tongue in his anus. At this point, I loved it so much, I just did it. I spread his ass cheeks and forced my tongue inside, fucking my tongue in and out of his asshole. I was forced to lick and suck his asshole with my tongue for several minutes until he turned back around, shoved his cock back in my mouth and told me he wanted to fuck my virgin ass. My lips were red and covered in saliva and his ass juice.

I was nervous about this. I have never been fucked in the ass before but have tried to loosen and stretch out my ass with dildos in anticipation that I might get fucked there one day. Before my man arrived that day, I had forced a fat dildo in my ass, stretching it out and getting me prepared. I left the dildo in my ass for an hour before he arrived. At this point, he told me to get on all fours right there on the living room floor. He knealt down behind me and lifted up my little pink skirt and pulled aside the string of the thong covering my virgin asshole. He rubbed my asshole with his thumb and the pushed his thumb inside me. I was forcing myself to be relaxed because I didn't want it to hurt. I then felt him pull his thumb out and rest the head of his fat cock right on my asshole. He reached around to my face and told me to suck my own ass juice off his thumb. I had to do it. He then rubbed the head of his large cock around my hole, slowly pushing it in. It stung a little at first and he pushed about two or three inches in and then paused. I really started to relax my sphincter and he slipped more of his nine inch cock inside my tight hole. It felt amazing as he slid in deeper. He would push in and then pull out, each time going deeper and deeper until his whole cock slide into my tight anus. Nine inches of a fat cock was sliding into my ever loosening asshole as he continued to pound into me. I don't know how it could be, but I loved kneeling on all fours wearing a little pink mini-skirt and pink t-shirt and bra with a stranger forcing his long, fat cock into my stretched out asshole. As he pumped into me, I was mesmerized, licking my lips and tasting his ass juice all over them. His pace was increasing and I could tell he was going to come and I was hoping he would shoot his hot cum deep inside my asshole. This is exactly what he did. He started to fuck my ass very roughly and started to cum, grabbing my hips and pulling my asshole back hard against his huge cock. His pumping slowed and my asshole felt very wet and I could feel a little liquid leaking out and down across my own balls. He backed away from my ass while still on his knees, pulling his still thick, but limp cock from my ass. He then told me to "Come here" and grabbed my hair and told me to clean his cock. Without even a pause, he pushed his cock into my mouth while holding my head, forcing his cock down my throat. I could taste semen and my own sweaty ass juice as he ordered me to suck his cock clean. I tried to suck and lick all the juice and liquid off his cock. He then told me to clean his balls again, which I did. And again, he turned around and himself got on all fours and he told me to spread his ass cheeks and suck on his asshole and get it nice and clean.

As my stretched out asshole was leaking cum over my balls and little thong, I licked and sucked on his tight asshole. He reached behind and held my head tight on his asshole and ordered me to shove my tongue inside his anus and lick and suck. After many more minutes of being forced to clean and lick his asshole, he stood up and reached by behind me and shoved three fingers into my still loosened anus and coated them in the remaining come that was in there and then shoved those fingers in my mouth and told me to taste his semen. He apologized for not coming down my throat and reached those same three fingers back into my asshole and put them back into my mouth.

He was standing and as he reached down to pick up his pants, he said he had to go to the bathroom and he wanted his little dirty toilet slut there with him. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet. As I stood, I felt a stream of hot semen run out of my asshole, drenching the crotch of my thong and running down my leg. He pulled me into the bathroom. There is a tub on one side of the small room and a toilet on the other. He pushed me towards the tub and told me to kneel down in there.

I'm still wearing the little pink mini-skirt and the pink bra and pink t-shirt. He told me to lift up my pink t-shirt to expose my little pink bra and he said he needed to pee before he left. He ordered me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. I reluctantly did so. He then held his cock and moved closer to me, putting the head of his cock about one inch in front of my open and waiting mouth. He then started to piss right into my mouth. It was hot and salty and the piss filled my mouth and was overflowing out of my mouth and down across my bra and mini-skirt and panties. He had a lot of piss and as he continued to pee, he pushed his cock into my mouth and I was forced to swallow his urine as his cock filled my mouth. He held my head with both hands so I couldn't move as he emptied his bladder into my mouth and down my throat.

When he was finished, he didn't say a word. He pulled his cock out of my mouth. Pulled his pants on and left me there, kneeling in the bathtub covered in piss with my stretched out asshole leaking cum into my panties.

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