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Title: Behind Behinds

I always look at several women's rear-ends and enjoy it whenever I'm able to see their panty lines underneath their outer clothes!
Anyway, I was feeling "NAUGHTY" one time after I saw an "AWESOME" view of a young woman's ass. The weather was quite warm outside and she was wearing very short pants and a white t-top. She was sitting at a table drinking a cold drink and had her legs crossed over one another. When her legs were crossed, it revealed more of her upper legs and I got rather "HUGE" in the crotch of my own pants just by looking at her!

I kept my eyes on her for awhile and I "BRUSHED" my Dick along the inside of my thigh for some "RELIEF"! After a few minutes , the woman walked into a clothing store near where she sat. I didn't see much activity going on near that store, so I decided to make my way inside. As I was inside, I started to look around for her. She was looking at some panties and was holding some up to her for size ( I guess ). I watched her as she shopped for them and she bent over a few times to pick things up. When she bent over, she gave me a Hell of a view of her ass. Her short pants rode up around her ass cheeks and made her panties that she was wearing very visible up around the cheeks of her buttock area and her upper thigh quarters! ( Holy Mother of God Awesome sight )!!!

She took a couple of the panties that she had and walked into a fitting room. ( I thought that that was a little strange panties into a fitting room )!?! I waited a little while on her to return, but she wasn't back yet. I started to wonder if she was ok and looked around to see if anyone was near the fitting room. ( clear ) I walked into the fitting room and my "ANGEL" was still in the fitting room ,but she wasn't looking like she was ok. She was on the floor rolling around and hand one of her hands between her legs bucking herself and rubbing her crotch and working herself up so that she would masturbate! Her t-top was removed and her boobs were exposed ( looks like she didn't have a bra on that day )and her short pants were pushed in the crack of her ass and her panties were tightly wrapped around her lower body ( very sexy and very snug )!!!

As she was rolling around ,she saw me watching her and asked me if I liked what I saw! Yes, was my reply!! She then told me to come over and sit next to her and squeeze her ass cheeks as she was rubbing herself between her legs!!! She spread her legs apart and smelled "HEAVENLY" and I could now see that her crotch was "WET" as she started "BEGGING" for me to put my face between her legs and service her "Pussy Lips"!!!

As I was doing that, she unfastened my pants and pulled them down along with my underwear and told me that she wanted to "Service" my cock and make it "CUM" between her legs so that when she would get dressed again; my "CUM" would mix around her clit and feel like its "DRUNK"!!! As that happened, I watched her get dressed after I "CAME" on her and watched her walk back out to the store, but as she was walking out; I looked at her ass as she walked and just hoped that her Pussy Lips were enjoying the "LOVE" that had been made for it to Enjoy during the rest of that day!!!

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