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Title: Easter Treats

I was invited over to Easter Dinner with a few young women. When I arrived, there were only 3 quests for dinner including myself. ( 2 women and 1 man ) As we all sat down to eat, one of the women began to rock themselves in their chair pretty well. The other woman soon followed suite by doing the same in her chair. ( both ladies were dressed in very short dresses and their bodies looked very "Hot" )! I noticed that they both had their eyes closed and had their legs crossed to during that time! I started to get "HUNGARY"but not for any food I Wanted Them )!!!
The woman on my right, started to play with my leg as we were at the table. I looked over at her and smiled. The woman on my left, pulled the hem of her skirt higher and exposed her panties underneath while she had her eyes closed. ( now I met these woman by computer and they both sounded interesting and I was shocked that they invited me over for dinner that day )!

As I was pouring some wine, one of them stood up and pulled their hose off, and the other woman watched me pour some wine into a glass. I dropped my glass on the floor, when I saw one of the completely take their dress off and chose to sit at the table wearing only there bra and panties! The other woman seemed to enjoy what she saw to , so she also removed her dress and sat at the table in her bra and panties! I was getting myself "HUGE" in my pants and thought to myself This Is Going To Be One Hell Of An Easter Dinner!!!

Within a few minutes, we all went into the Living Room and sat down. It was hard for me not to look at their legs/thighs whenever they crossed them!!! ( "AWESOME","AWESOME","AWESOME" )!!!!!!

I stood myself up and went to use the restroom. When I returned, both of the woman had their hands between their legs and they were rubbing the Hell out of themselves so that there "Pussies" would "GROW" and "GROW"!!! ( "AWESOME","AWESOME","AWESOME" )!!!!!!

I pulled off my pants along with my underwear and went and sat on the floor by them. My "DICK" was "On Fire" and was needing to be "JERKED OFF"!

As I got a look at their panties, I noticed that the gusset of both of them was getting Moist and very Stretched!!! They both were blond and had little hair between their legs, but they were making an "AROMA" that "Smelled" "BEAUTIFUL"!!! I was being "RESURRECTED" and having help by them!!!!!!

Before long, both of them were next to me whispering Naughty Things and telling me that they wanted to "RIDE" me with their legs wrapped around my neck! They said that they needed to get a "FIX" and if they weren't able to get it done they would be "BITCHY"!!!!!!!!

So, I pulled their panties off and removed their bras and began! As one was around me, the other one enjoyed watching and traced both of my ass cheeks until I "CAME" ! As I was with the other, the one that was now "Free" was working herself so that she would have an "ORGASM"!!!

As I "CAME" on the other woman, we all were Spent and laid on the floor between each others legs until we got some strength back! I enjoyed the skin of their inner thighs and just "HUGGED" both sets of ass cheeks often! I also really enjoyed the "AROMA" that was in the room as well.

I thanked them for the "LOVELY" day and that I needed to get dressed and go to a dinner that was planned with family! ( they understood )!!!

As I dressed myself, they both watched and worked themselves again between their legs so they would "ORGASM"!!! They didn't dress afterwards, gave me a kiss and hug and told me that they aren't "BITCHY" and that we will need to met again soon so that we can "DO IT" again!!!!

As I left and went down the road, I had to find myself a rest area and use the rest room. I ended up "JERKING MYSELF OFF" to what had taken place with those 2 woman!!!

Guess I had a Happy Easter and it will be remembered for quite awhile!!!!!!!!

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