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Title: Panties N Pricks

I feel so alone like im the only man too wear panties and act like a sissy and crave huge cocks. Dress me in womans clothes get me wired and I become the biggest cock whore ever. I adore huge thick cocks. I'm a size queen for sure 10inches at least. I think huge cocks are beutiful, give me a hard monster cock and see how feminine I becum. I don't want to be called a queer so I never went all the way but really I want to be a cock craving pantie wearing bottom slave. Gay sex is hot if I got panties on and a man offers his big hard meat to me. I thank him, its a way to say I turned another man on my first time was my queer calling. A friend just out of prison told me of the punks he fucked inside. After a week we stayed at a motel he asked if I ever wanted sex with another man. No way as far as I go is I wear panties. That night pat called me into the bathroom, yikes he had only bvd on and I eyed his massive bulge. He offered me some meth, I quickly did then he gave me a bag, put them on. Inside was a few pairs of panties, my bitch always wears panties before I fuck them. Now put on the pink ones and wait in bed and he leaned over kissing me. I did as told and pat walked out naked, wow what a huge cock, fuck are you half black. Looking at his dong my bitch likes my cock don't cha. Well its so big I, I, I, shut up bitch give me your arm and he injected crystall meth fer my fist time. I rushed out cumming right then, thank you for my panties do you like, pulling down the covers showing him my nylon pink undies. Don't I at least get a kiss and he pushed his lips on mine relax noone will know you sucked my cock and you wear panties. His tounge forced past my lips, yeah you want my big cock. I'll make you a woman. I rolled my tounge over his you better not tell a sole, now tell me what to do. Pat leaned against the headboard his giant cock stuck past his bellybutton first stroke my big cock. I grabbed it, oh it feels so nice, you like, oh yes, I like alot. Show daddy what a slut you are, pulling my head to his 11inch cock, kiss, lick like a good bitch. My lips kissed up and down the shaft then I licked the tip, suck it faggot opening wide taking the head. Taste good bitch, mmmmm yeah, real good, swallow it all forcing me down till the tip pasted my virgin throat. I choked, you my new bitch, yeah what whore, I can't hear you, yes daddy I'm your bitch you own me. I love your sweet cock, roll over, head on the edge pat slapped his pole on my face.

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