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Title: Thong Panty Suck

I have dreamed of having my wife suck me while I was wearing a thin, extra small white thong. It happened. Late into the morning I slipped out of bed and put on this very small silky twhite thong. I got back in bed and started working on her. I got between her legs and did my business then turned onto my back and asked her to suck me off. She did just that. She fondled me in the panites (she did'nt know they were a thong or anything) She started jacking me while I was still in the thong sneaking her fingers in the leg holes and stuff. She eventually pulled me out and when she did she pulled the panties in such away to get me as they pulled between my ass. What a feeling! I almost came right then. But I held off long enough for her to get her mouth on my cock and she sucked me until I shot a huge load in her mouth. I cam so much she pulled me out and I shot again. Cum was all over me, my panties, my wifes' face and hands. It was great! She never knew but commented later that I really must have been extra horny with all that cum! I have to try that again!

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