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Title: Night Out

Last Saturday, my wife announced that she was planning on going out on the town that evening. When she says that it means she is going hunting for big, young cock. My equipment is rather small and I understand her occasional need to be totally filled by a larger member. Besides, she always comes home and shares they juicy details with me and also her freshly fucked pussy. Nothing turns me on more than pullin my panties to the side and ramming into her streched out, sticky quim. I love to add my own little deposit and then get busy cleaning her up. I should add that my wife totally supports my dressing and I spend all my time at home totally dressed, including 38D tits. This day she added a new twist to our game. She had me go in early afternoon and bathe and shave my entire body. Then she had me dress in a pair of my girl jeans and a top that clearly showed my black lace bra. After makeup and my wig were in place she announced we were going to the mall to pick up a few things. This was the first time I have gone out in broad daylight. Needless to say, I was nervous and felt like everone was staring at me as we walked through the mall. Being Saturday, it was of course very busy. We went straight to VS and were approached by a very sexy young sales clerk. My wife told her we were looking for a bra and panty set with matching garter, in bright red. Then to my dismay, she added "they are for my husband here". The girl turned around, looked at me and just smiled. She showed us several sets and my wife selected one that was very sheer and lacy. We got my size and then my wife asked the clerk if I could try them on. She escorted us to the dressing room area and started to leave but my wife stopped her, saying that she would like her opinion on the fit. I slipped in the new outfit, inserted the forms and told them I was ready. The door opened and there I stood before my wife and a total stranger. Needless to say, the rise in my panties clearly indicated I was a man. The fit was approved and we made our purchase and went back home. When we got there, my wife had me put on my new things and model for her. She then had me put my jeans and top back on. Shortly after, she left for her evening.
At about 8:00 the phone rang and it was my wife. She had decided that since she was out for the evening, I should go out as well. She instructed me to remain dressed as I was and to go down to our favorite adult book store. I was to unbutton enough buttons on my top so that my bra was clearly showing. I was to buy some tokens and go back to video booth #7 which is a booth that has a window into the booth on either side. In the booth, I was to remove my jeans and top so that I was dressed only in my bra, panties, garter and stockings. I was to watch some flicks and see what developed in the adjoining booths. I did as I was told and soon after I got settled and began rubbing my cock through the panties, a good looking young man came into the booth next to me. He pulled down his jeans and began to stroke a magnificant cock. Then he looked over at me and smiled his approval of my outfit. He motioned me to come join him in his booth. I was so horney that I couldn't resist. I didn't even take time to dress but ran over to his booth in just my lingere. I had to have that beautiful cock in my mouth and I wasted no time. I took in as much as I could and continued to rub my cock in my panties as I sucked him. From his moans, I must have been doing OK. Pretty soon he pulled out of my mouth and began to stroke himself in front of my face. Then he shot a hugh load that hit my face and hair and ran down my chest into my bra. It felt so good. I hardly noticed that I had cum in my panties in the process. He had me lick off his dick then he zipped up and was gone.

I slipped back to the booth where my clothes were and was trying to decide how to clean myself up to get out of the store when my cell phone rang. The ID said it was my wife so I new I had better answer. She asked where I was and so I told her. Then she wanted to know how I was dressed and I told her that too. (At that point I was still just in my undies). Then she asked how I liked the cock I had just sucked. I had no idea how she new the details but she did. She knew that my face and hair and chest were covered in this mans cum. Then she told me that the man I had just sucked was her date for the evening. He was a guy from the shipping department where she works and when she discovered that he was bi, she had set the whole thing up. She added that she had a load of his cum on her face hair and chest too.

She told me to fold up my jeans and my top and go into the next booth as her friend had left a trench coat for me. I was to put on the coat over my lingere, not wipe any of his spunk from my face and walk out of the store. I was told I could hold the coat closed as best I could but I was not to button it. She then told me they were sitting in his car in the parking lot outside and expected a flash as I cam out to confirm that I had done as I was told.

I was so turned on walking out of the store that way, past a number of customers and the clerks that I was hard again. When I got outside, I searched the lot until I found the stranger from inside and gave him a big flash. I didn't see my wife at first but then her head popped up from his lap. She smiled when she saw me and then her head disappeared again.
I went home to wait for her. When she got home, she woke me by sitting on my face with her panties on. They were totally soaked and smelled wonderful.

She slid down, pulled both our panties to the side and rode my dick until I shot off inside her. Then she rolled over on her back and told me to get busy. I buried my face in her red swollen pussy and began to suck. The taste of her cunt was strangely familiar and it made me remember having that massive cock in my mouth earlier that evening. I looked up at her when I was done cleaning her pussy and she just smiled and pulled her legs up to her chest. It was then that I could see the cum leaking from her ass. This stranger with the beautiful cock had not only fucked her mouth and her pussy but her ass too. On top of that, He had cum in my face all in one night. Her ass looked so hot that I couldn't resist sliding into her bum which was easy after suck a big dick being in there before. After I came again, I cleaned her up and we both fell asleep. Hope we have an evening with this guy again soon.

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