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Title: Adult Bookstore Fun

Today I called in "sick" to work because I was feeling extra horny when I woke up this morning.I hopped in the shower and shaved myself clean and went to my game room above my garage which is where I hide my girlie things from the wife. I proceeded to put on a pink teddy with matching pink satin panties, black thigh highs and attatched them to the built in garter on the teddy. Put on a pair of sweats and a shirt and got in my car and drove to my local adult bookstore. They have private viewing booths with gloryholes and also a theater that seats about 75-100 people. Once I arrived I grabbed my little bag that holds my make up, wig and heels. I got undressed in my car, put on a short black mini skirt and sheer white blouse, stuffed my bra with water filled balloons (they make great bouncey tits).I put on my make up and put on my wig and heels and went into the store. The guy at the counter knowing me from all of my visits said hey and that I looked extra hot today and waved me on in bypassing the admission fee. Once inside I went directly to the back of the theater and grabbed a seat. There were probably 20 guys in there at the time. It didn't take long for this guy to sit down next to me. He was an older man about 60 or so. He unzipped his pants and started stroking his cock. I looked over and he started to rub my leg, I noticed his cock, it was nice, about 6.5". So I got down in front of him and started to give him head. It didn't take him long to cum, about 5 minutes and I made sure it wasn't wasted. He zipped up and left so I again took my seat. About 10 minutes went buy when these 2 trucker type guys walked in, big burly men, came in and sat down a couple of seats from me. One of them took out his cock right away and started jerking it and waved me over. So I get up and walked over to him and knelt down and started to suck his cock and I guess his friend couldn't take it any longer, he unzipped his pants and pulled out a very nice, thick 8" cock. I was sucking on the one guy and hiked up my skirt for him to see my panties and to let him know I wanted that thing in me. I had to turn myself a little sideways in the aisle for him. He pulled my panties to one side and bent down and started to tongue my ass, getting it nice and wet. After I was ready, he slipped on a condom and slowly started to penetrate me, with that I let out a low muffled moan, not wanting to let go of the cock I had in my mouth. He started to pick up the pace once he was all the way inside and knew that I could handle it. As this went on a smalll crowd started to gather....about 7 or 8 guys, all with their cocks out and stroking them. This made me very hot and I just went all out. Shoving my ass back to meet his thrusts, moaning loudly, this only made his friend more excited and soon he was filling my mouth with his hot cum....he pulled out and was replaced by another cock and so on. After about 20 minutes my man pulled his cock out, ripped off the rubber and shot a huge load all over my panties and skirt. Then I noticed that there were 3 guys behind me jerking off and each one shot a nice load on my already soaked panties, by this time I was so turned on I came in my panties. The guy I was sucking off came about the same time but he pulled out and came on my lips and face. After everything was done I gathered myself up and went to the bathroom to clean up. Before I left I went to thank the guy at the front of the store, a small black man about 5'5" 150 lbs. I told him thank you and asked if I could thank him properly, with that he called for someone else to tend to the store and we went back into the bathroom. I unzipped his pants and pulled out this beast of a cock, I'd have to say it was probably 10". My eyes widened and I said "OH MY". He just smiled and said that it looks like I had a good time juding by the cum that was all over my panties. I said I sure did. So I dropped to my kness and devoured his cock, taking all but about an inch into my throat, sucking it like a little whore. Once he was good and worked up, he led me over to the sink, told me to sit up on the sink and slide my ass forward,so my head was resting back on the mirror. I started to take off my panties to grant him easy access and told me to leave them on, so I did. He then slid them to one side, and shoved his cock into my "man-pussy" I was in heaven. I wrapped my stocking covered legs around his ass to pull him in deep with every thrust. He said he always wanted to fuck me and I told him well now you are baby. He was pounding my ass really good, calling me a nice slut and that my "pussy" was nice and tight the way he liked it. I was pulling him in, trying to grind my ass into him, moaning in pure extasy. I could sense he was getting close so I started to buck a little more wildly and moan a little louder. He started to pick up the pace, fucking the hell out of me. He started to moan and I felt him tense up and then I felt a warm rush of cum filling my ass. It felt like he dumped about a gallon of cum in me. When he was finished he said thank you and cum again. I said I sure will. I pulled up my panties and went to my car and drove home. I felt his cum dripping out of my ass into my panties all the way home. It was such an awesome feeling. When I pulled into the garage, I got out of my car and went upstairs and just looked at myself in the mirror. My cum soaked face and panties. I was such a naughty little slut today. Before I changed,I jerked off and shot another load into my already soaking wet panties.

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