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Title: Walked In On Mother In Law

Had an interesting experience last weekend involvong my cute mother in law and her vibrator. Our family has a retreat on a lake in the mountains that we all go to on occasion. This past weekend the whole family went into town for lunch, but my mother in law said she was a little under the weather an might take this opportunity to rest instead of joining us. We all got ready and left the house to go to lunch. Unfortunately (or fortunately now that I look back) I left my sunglasses at the cabin and we had to turn back to get them. We went back to the cabin and I jumped out of the car and ran in the house to get them.
About my mother in law: She is 56, keeps in shape, has a great ass and 36 B tits and wears size 5 victoria secret satin bikini style panties. I know this because I have been smelling her panties for 10 years now. In fact I'd bet that I know her pussy smell just as well as I know my wifes. A very musky smell with a tinge of perfume always.

Anyways I walk in the back door and run upstairs to get my sunglasses, passing my mother in laws room. The door was open a crack, bu she did not see me. I could not find my sunglassess anywhere, and had a creepy feeling that I had left them in my mother in laws room earlier in the morning when I had the opportunity to grab a pair of her black satin panties and smell them. I was sweating. How would i explain leaving my suunglassess in my MIL's room, a place where I would have no reason to be. So I crept back down the stairs, and quietly approached the door, hoping that she would be asleep and I could sneak in and out. I slowly opened the door and saw her laying in bed naked, one leg under the sheets and the other out. She had a vibrator stuck all the way into her pussy. She scrambled to pull it out, and covver herself in haste. She could not have beeen more embarrassed, her face turned so red, and she tried to make some excuse, but I was not listening because i could not believe what I just saw.

I knew she had a vibrator because my wife found it once and had me use it on her (that was really hot). But to see her panties around her ankle and a sliver vibrator plunged into her pussy was a site I will never forget. Too bad I didn't get a pic of it, I could have used it to bribe her into letting me fuck her.

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