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Title: Stepdaughters Panties

I love to smell my wife's dirty panties and jack off, lately I've been smelling my 13 yr old stepdaughters dirty panties. I've been trying them since she was 11, but there was no smell. But wow, now that shes 13, they have a very sexy strong piss, sweaty, cunt smell to them, real instant hard on!!!! All she had were white cotton, so I bought her some sexy silk black, purple, red and pink bikinis. She loves them, but said mom probably wouldn't let her wear them. I told her to keep it our little secret and I'll wash them so mom won't see them. I loved her scent as she kissed me and thanked me. She asked if I needed any thing done to show how grateful she was, so I thought for a moment, then said you can let me see you in your panties some time. She giggled, kissed me and said maybe daddy, maybe I'll surprise you. I get to smell her lovely new panties and jack off in them, I even wear them now, UUUUMMMMM!!!!! She is very chubby, but sexy for 13. She wears make up and a very shiney lip gloss that just drives me wild. Boy do I fantasize about where her lips should be, UUUMMMM!!!! Last night she sat in my lap and in a sexy low voice asked me for some money. Then she kissed me, wow, instant hard on!!! I'm sure she felt it as she sat on it, moving her ass to feel it more. I said yes to the money, but when do I see you in your panties. She whispered in my ear that mom goes to work in a min, I'll call you when she leaves, and kissed me full on the mouth!!!! I was leaking precum, hard as a rock waiting for my wife to leave. Finally she called me, okay daddy, cum and see me, I'm ready. I walked in her room and there she was in her purple bikinis, I could see the crotch of her panties was soaking wet. She had a towel around her tits. She stood there and said well, what do you think daddy??? God, I couldn't help it, I grabbed my crotch as I said they are so lovely on you baby girl, I love you in them. She giggled and said I can see you like them daddy as she looked at my crotch.

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