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Title: Me And My Mother-in-Law

I had the most wonderful and exciting experience a few weeks ago, But first a few details.
I am married to a woman who indulges my every sexual fantasy and in return I do the same for her. We are both very open in our relationship and have no secrets. For example. My wife knows and enjoys when I dress in full female attire and with her help can pass in public and we often go out on the town as two lovely ladies dressed to perfection. We do our shopping together and she helps me pick out all my clothes. I am very much a stocking lover and prefer wearing stockings and garters over pantyhose. We are the same size and can wear each others clothing so our wardrobe is quite extensive.

My wife is 5'6", 126lbs, short brown hair, brown eyes and measures a lovely 36C-26-36 with legs that go all the way to heaven. I am 5'7" 130lbs brown hair, brown eyes and consider my legs and ass to be my best assets.

During our love making sessions we often talk about other people we would enjoy having sex with and on one such occasion I told my wife how hot I thought her mom is, my mother-in-law. She wasn't surprised at my revelation since she has caught me more than once stealing peeks up my MIL skirt trying to get a glimpse of her stocking tops or giving her a hello or good-bye kiss and lingering a little longer than I should. Although my wife never said anything to me about her observation of my actions she admitted it kind of turned her on knowing that I was hot for her mother.

We talked a little more about it and to my delight she suggested I might try seducing my MIL. A little shocked but pleasantly surprised at her suggestion my heart raced at the thought and my cock grew amazingly hard hoping I could make my fantasy come true.

Well as fate would have it my chance came a few weeks ago and I would like to share the story although not planned but worked out better than I could ever hope.

My mother-in-law went away on vacation to visit a friend she hadn't seen in a long time and asked if I would mind stopping by her apartment and check on things, bring in her mail etc. Of course I obliged and said I wouldn't mind at all.

My MIL left on a Friday evening and wasn't supposed to return until the following Sunday so I had 9 days of having the pleasure of going to her apartment to "check" on things while she is gone. Now I have to tell you my MIL is one hot sexy lady. She is 58 years old but doesn't look a day over 40. She keeps herself very fit, has a magnificent body and would give any man, young or old a raging hard on without taking off a stitch of clothing. When I accepted her suggestion of watching her apartment while she was away I had my own selfish fantasy that I intended making reality. My MIL is also, like my wife, 5'6" black hair, brown eyes about 120lbs with 38D-28-36 measurements. She is a stunning woman and just looking at her makes me melt.

Well after a week of taking care of her apartment I decided to live out my fantasy which is to wear her clothing and just enjoy myself and give myself pleasure while thinking of her. It was Saturday morning, she wasn't due back until the next day so I figured I had all day to fulfill my dream. When I left the house I told my wife my plan and with a smile and a kiss she told me to have fun and to call her when I was settled in for my day of fun!

Once at her apartment I removed my clothes and began looking through her closet for something to wear. She had so many outfits to choose from and couldn't make up my mind so instead I went to her dresser and found her lingerie. First I found the drawer where she keeps her stockings and garter belts. I picked out a pair of sheer black stockings and white garter belt trimmed in red lace. Next I slipped on the matching bra and panties also white trimmed in red lace and decided on a pair of red leather pumps with 5" spikes. Looking in the mirror admiring how I looked got me so excited especially since it was my MIL's lingerie I was wearing.

Next I sat down at her dressing table and began applying make-up, lipstick and for the final touch put on the wig I had brought with me from home. Once satisfied with how I looked I walked around in front of her full length mirror admiring how I looked. I lay on her bed, picked up the phone to call my wife and began telling her what I was wearing and how great it felt to be wearing her mothers lingerie. I could hear the unsteadiness in my wife's voice as I described every detail to her. She asked what I was doing now and told her I was lying in bed, legs spread rubbing my hard cock through her mother's panties. I could hear my wife's breathing become more labored, more intense as I told her how good I felt and how pretty I thought I looked when she told me to slide my panties to my ankles and begin jerking off while we talked. Both of us were so turned on and so involved with our phone sex session together that I was oblivious to everything else around me.

Her I was lying on my mother-in-laws bed, in her lingerie having phone sex with my wife. Life IS good!!! As our phone session progressed and the two of us getting hotter by the second I didn't hear the front door open, didn't hear my mother-in-law walking around and certainly didn't notice her walk into her bedroom, that is not until I heard her screech at what she saw. Her son-in-law, on her bed, in her stockings and heels jerking off while on the phone!!!

Needless to say when I heard her scream I dropped the phone but for some reason didn't take my hand off my hard cock. Not only did I not remove my hand but continued jerking off. I didn't know what she was about to say and to be honest, didn't really care and all that went through my head was, .now's your chance, your fantasy will HOPEFULLY become reality.

After realizing I had dropped the phone I started to lean over to pick it up but my MIL beat me to it. She put the phone to her ear and asked who was on the other end. When she head my wife's voice she got a look on her face that I couldn't tell if it was shock, disgust or what. Finally she spoke, do you know what your husband is doing, after a few minutes or so of silence my MIL says ok, but I'm not sure this is right, bye sweetie, love you too and she hangs up.

In the meantime my cock has gone soft but still lying in her bed I wasn't sure what was to happen next. To my surprise and delight she says, Toni (my wife) says she knows and told me of your fantasy and that we should enjoy ourselves. With that my cock began to swell again and slowly wrapped my hand around it and started jerking off again. Does that feel good she asked? I just looked at her and smiled. She smiled back. Is it hard because I'm standing here or because your wearing my lingerie? I said both.

As I continued stroking my cock to it's full hardness I spread my legs as far apart as they would go, began looking at her beautiful body and let out a little moan that didn't go unnoticed to her ears. As I continued she began running her hands on her thighs and down her legs, her hand found the hem of her skirt and lifted her skirt exposing her black stockings until I could see her stocking tops. I was in heaven. My fantasy will come true today!

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