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Title: Lingerie In A Adult Bookstore

My name is Bud and have I got a real sexy story to share. I'm a fifty three yr. old crossdresser who started wearing all types of panties, garter-belts, bras, slips nylons and sheer see-thru babydoll nighties when I turned nine.
I started using pantyhose by age elevan or so. I had four older sisters who all wore the sexiest satin and silk lingerie from the fifties. But thats another story for another time. Over many years of secret dressing up sessions I became well adapted in the fine art of wearing modified pantyhose (removed crotch panel), lacey garter-belt, see-thru briefs, colored matched nylon stockings, bra and ruffle laced babydoll nighties with matching see-thru bed jacket. I had just started to become curious about bisexual feelings and began to stimulate my anal passage, first with my fingers and then with different sized dildos and vibrators which I purchased at the local Adult Bookstores. This one large store had fifty booths in the rear of its location and many times I'd go in, slip into a booth and masturbate to my hearts content. After many of these visits I learned how to rig a quarter on some thin nylon string with super glue. Once attached, I simply inserted the coin and held on to the string and by pulling the string up and down I could trick the video machine into thinking I had dropped several coins at one time. Shame on me..... Finally, I mustard up the courage to dress in an all powder blue set of babydolls complete with all the other lingerie pieces and give my first try at a bisexual encounter.

It was on a friday evening when I walked in to the largest booth in the far right rear corner of the store. Once inside I locked the door and proceeded to take of my sweat pants, t-shirt, jacket and shoes. I left my socks on so my nylons wouldn't get dirty from the floor. This booth also had a long and wide vinyl covered bench bolted to the wall across from the monitor. I inserted my special coin in the slot and selected one of the many transexual videos available. I then stepped to the door and unlatched the locking handle, then I carefully opened it just a little, just enough to indicate to the other men walking around that someone was in there and ready to service their sexual desires. Within moments I spotted an older gentleman coming towards my booth. He was dressed nice and casual. With his greying hair and soft features, I felt quite comfortable yet scared. This man would be my very first. I'd allow him to take my virginity both anally and orally. Thank goodness I had practiced with my sex toys. I knew I could handle him without any pain. As he reached for the door I slowly opened it enough for him to enter. I was using the door to hide my frilly lingeried body from others walking by. My new sex partner entered and quickly closed and locked the booth door behind himself. He could see my figure all dressed up and the hardon sticking up over the panties. The TV screen gave off enough light that he saw every little detail of my nightie, panties, garter-belt, nylons, bra and pantyhose. Being nervous I let him make the first move. With a big smile he reached out his right hand and started carressing my silky lingerie covered form from legs to my breast.

No words were exchanged at all. He began stripping down naked while I watched and rubbed my pre-cum dripping cock. One thing I forgot. Earlier that day I showered and with shaving creme and a couple of razors I removed every body hair except for my head. I had done this many times before and enjoyed the feeling it gave when slipping into my collection of bought and stolen lingerie. When my partner finished disrobing I grabbed my coat and removed a tube of KY Jelly and laid the jacket on the floor in front of his semihard cock. I knelt down and began massaging this fine 7 inch circumsized cock with my left hand. My right caressed his nut sack gently. Like a pro, I placed the head of this swollen member to my hungry mouth and sucked for all I was worth. My right hand moved around to his asshole and circled the opening then pushed it in alittle at a time. My head was being held in both his hands and his cock sprung up harder and hotter. Several minutes went by and we changed position. As I stood up I looked at my own raging hardon and noticed that I was dribbling large amounts of pre-cum down my front. The sheer panties had caught it all. There was a large wet stain that even he spotted. What a fantastic sight it was. I turned to the bench with my back to him. I slid my wet panties down to the tops of my sheer tan nylons. As I bent over and placed both my hands on the bench he stepped forward enough that his moist cock head touch my asscheek. All of a sudden it disappeared. It was replaced with a hot slimy tongue. He proceeded to lick my entire butt crack, stopping now and then at the virginal opening of my asshole. I was as hot as ever. One of his hands reached between my nylon encased legs and stroked my hairless cock. His forearm bumped my balls the entire time. When he had stopped and stood up again I reached next to me and grabbed the tube of KY Jelly. I poured some onto my right hand and applied it to the hottest cock I've ever seen to that point in time. Once his hardon was lubricated I took the tube and carefully stuck it up my asshole and squeazed a large amount within it. As I set the tube down I felt the head of my friends cock touch my asshole. Even with me being scared I knew that it was no time to back out now. Ever so slowly he pushed the tip in until the head was two or three inches deep. He stopped for a moment to let me get used to the size. Again, he moved further until his groin and my butt cheeks touch eachother. I think he realized I was a virgin and took his time.

Next, he picked up the tempo and began to slid in and out with stronger lunges. My asshole was loving it as I got more excited. We fucked like this for about ten minutes or so and before he came I made him pull out all the way. Quickly I slumped to my keens in front of his slick cock and sucked him all the way down. With my ass juices and lubricant lining my mouth and lips I felt him straighten up and shake. He was coming! My mouth filled to the max, some of his cum seeped out the corners of my mouth and ran down my jaw. My cock was killing for release and was dripping like crazy. As I swollowed his large load he sat me back on the bench and in one quick motion knelt down and started sucking me to a soul shaking orgasm. My asshole was twitching as well. In a few seconds I blasted into his warm mouth with everything I had. Once I stopped cumming he rose and leaned over to kiss me and as he did we both opened our mouths and he deposited my own cum over my hot togue. I had tasted my cum before but this time it was mixed with his and my ass juices. From this point on I swore to be a great cocksucker and swollow all the cum I could and I have. With a small handtowel stashed in my sweatpants I cleaned myself off pretty good while my first male partner got dressed. We kissed as he started to open the door to the booth. I stayed behind for my next encounter that night. The very moment the door was locked I heard a soft tapping noise from the booth nextdoor to mine. There was a tiny spyhole in the wall and he had watched the whole scenerio I'd just performed. He immediately came over, but thats another story for later.

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