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Title: The Step

Reading the recent stories about guys and their stepdaughters has inspired me to write. I have a stepdaughter who is 17 and totally hot. She has nice perky 36B tits and a really cute ass. I have been sniffing and wanking with her panties since she was about 14. She is very mature for her age and has always been very aware of her sexuality. She really turns me on and she knows it. It isn't unusual for her to "forget" to totally close the bathroom door or some such. From the time she first needed a bra her mother has shopped for her at VS and she has quite a collection of very sexy bras and panties. Lucky for me. One of my favorite passtimes when no one is home is to go down to her room, search the floor until I find the most recently worn pair of panties, climb into her bed which smells of her and her perfume and JO until I cream in her panties. I have suspected that she was on to my little game but she has never said a thing. I am so turned on by her that often when the wife and I are doing the nasty, I fantasize that I'm doing the step instead. In my most recurring fantasy I finish screwing the wife, kiss her good night and then go down and get in on with her daughter. The other night I was watching TV when the step came in to talk. She was wearing just a T shirt and panties. It was obvious she was not wearing a bra. She came over to sit on my lap and as she sat down, she hiked up her skirt so that her panties were directly on my lap. I had on a pair of lightweight shorts and panties underneath and it was instant hardon. From her movements on my lap, she had to feel it against her ass. Shortly after, she and the wife went to the store. Needless to say, I ran down to her room and found the panties she had been grinding against my cock. I hopped into her bed and stroked until I released a huge load, literally soaking those sexy little black panties. The next morning I knew for sure that my little secret was out. She came upstairs ready for school wearing a fairly short black skirt. When her mother was out of the room, she pulled up the skirt to show me that she was wearing those same black panties. The cum stains were clearly visible and she had a huge smile on her face. Needless to say, her mother would probably kill me if she found out and now the step really has one on me.

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