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Title: A Little Overtime

My Story relates to some overtime I did when out on a customer visit. I'm a computer techy and do onsite repairs. This particular visit involved working after 6 when the shop was closed and everyone was gone home except me and boss. I was only 21 at the time (Now 30) and at a guess she was in her late thirties. While I worked on fixing the computer she was very flirty. She had the top few buttons of her blouse undone. She'd lean over me enquiring what I was doing making sure I got glimpse of the red silky bra she had on. I could smell her perfume. She caught me looking down her top and I got all embarrassed, after all she was the boss! She noticed how red I went but must have liked it and just said it's Ok I won't bite yet! She then started to rub her hands through my hair. I started to stiffen. She sensed it rising and moved her lips close to mine. I was as nervous as hell as i'd never kissed an older woman. We kissed, her lips were moist, she moved her hand down to feel me. 'Ah Am I turning you on!' 'Oh yes'. She then cleared the desk and told me to lie on it. She undid my jeans and at this stage I was all erect. I started to undo the few buttons left unopened, out pop two beautiful breasts. Undid her bra and began licking and sucking each of them while she slowly began feeling my cock. I then got up and got her to lie on the desk I lifted up her skirt and could see her lovely bikini style panties I gave a little feel over her pussy just to tease her a bit. I then slipped them down to revile a fine looking pussy. I began licking and kissing around her thighs, she was moaning and groaning. I then just started feeling her clit just to see if she was getting wet, she was. I began to lick her pussy and play with her clit. She loved it I think! She was really getting wet and wanted more. There I was buried into between her legs. Couldn't believe my luck. Well I licked until she gave a shiver with delight. She then stopped me and put me onto the desk, then stripped off my boxers that left my cock upright in the air! She smiled and said yes please! She mounted me on the desk slowly slipping me inside her. Slowly she began riding me and building unto a steady fuck. We could hear our juices mixing together. I was so worked up but doing my best to hold back from cumming but then she began to twitch a bit and just said empty into me pleaseee.. With that I delivered an almighty eruption shooting my the same time her body jerked with please as she climaxed. As she got off me my cum was running down her legs, she picked up her knickers and began using them to wipe herself and then used them to clean me. We then got dressed she kissed me said thank you and stuffed the knickers in my pocket. I still have them to his day but their well worn now from being worn and wanked in.

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