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Title: Hot For Teacher

Every one was hot for the new teacher. And that isn
And truth be told, she gave us plenty to fantasize about.

It went beyond her looks, though she was certinaly more then pretty enough. It ran a lot deeper. Ms. Walker seemed to radiate sexuality. All she had to do was look at you and you felt your face heat and heart race. Everything would flea from your mind except thoughts of sex when she looked at you "that way". And when she sat on the edge of her desk, one heel slightly off showing the arch of her foot, the silence in the classroom was thick enough to slice. She mesmerized us and filled our thoughts long after we left her classroom. I wonder how many of us spent lust-crazed nights, stroking our selves and thinking of her, perched on that desk, smiling just for us.

Which brings me, sort of, to the "unique situation" I found myself in one after noon.

It actually started the afternoon before. Somehow, in talking with my sister, the effect Ms. Walker had on us came up. She thought it was funny. I didn

I told myself that it was just a silly stunt as the soft fabric incased me, that no one would know that it didn

She was dressed impeccably in a short black velvet jacket over a white blouse, a black velvet skirt that ended just above the knee, seemed stockings and high heels. Whenever she turned to face the board and write something, the hem of her skirt would lift, showing another few inches of her seemed stockings. I could not stop watching her. What ever she said vanished in haze of my lust. I wanted nothing more then to run my hands up her legs, under her skirt and find ecstasy. I ached for her. So much so, I didn

"Are you all right?" she asked.

I turned back and saw her, sitting on the edge of her desk, one foot swinging slightly, heel half on and half of. She was near enough to touch.

"Fine," I managed to answer.

"You seemed somewhat distracted in class today. I was concerned."

I forced out a week laugh. "Nothing important, Ms. Walker."

"You mean it wasn

The air in my lungs gelled and knew blood was about to burst out my ears. The part of my brain that was still working decided I would kill my sister if I ever saw her again. She must have told.


She reached out and touched my cheek. "Follow me.

I never even considered not doing what she asked. I followed her out the classroom and down the empty hall. From around me, I heard the sounds of other classes in session but none of it mattered, only going where Ms Walker led. She opened her office door. Once we were both in side, I was faintly aware of her locking the door behind her.

Ms. Walker

Ms. Walker perched on the edge of her desk and gestured towards one of the chairs. Not knowing what else to do, I sat.

"So, can you tell me why you are wearing your sister

I stammered out a confused answer about a conversation that lead to a challenge and how I was too dumb to back down. She listened with out comment until I ran out of words.

"And how do you feel about this?"

"Feel?" I answered blankly. "Ok. I guess."

"Is that all?" A half smile played across her lips as the afternoon sun light seemed to gather in her blue eyes, deepening them and making them glow. "Nothing more then ok?"

I shook my head slowly, knowing I had been caught in a lie that I hadn

"It is more isn

Up until then, I was sure my face couldn

Her smile softened into understanding. She touched my face again, her palm tingling against me skin.

"Let me see you in them," she murmured. "Please."

The vista stretched in font of me. Or I could run back for the door. I stepped of the cliff by standing up and pulling of my shirt. In what seemed like no time at all, I was standing in front of Ms. Walker dressed in only a pair of cobalt blue silk panties.

"Ms. Walker

"Jane, please," she said, laying one finger across my lips. "They are very pretty and go well with your eyes. Turn around."

I turned feeling the weight of her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of knowing she was interested in me.

"Yes, very suitable, but not quite enough." She stood and went behind the desk to pick up a flat white box which she handed to me. "These are for you."

I opened the box and found an assortment of dark blue lingerie, some I recognized, some I didn


First, she took out a lacy bra and helped me slide it on across my chest. She fastened it behind my back then adjusted the cups making sure they were even. Next, she took out a satin and lace waist cincher, which she set around my hips, fastening it behind. The stockings seemed to be condensed fragments of evening sky, dark blue and shear. She showed me how to role them up my legs and hold them in place with the cincher

"Perfect!" she exclaimed. "Come see."

She led me over to the mirror and stood behind me so I could examine my reflection. I saw myself presented in the cobalt underwear that she had dressed me in. And I loved it.

From behind me, Jane ran her hands softly over my body, making me shudder with pleasure. I felt her lips brush the back of my neck as her hands traced up my thighs and across my chest.

"Lovely," she whispered.

Her hands moved down sliding across my crotch. I ached for her touch as she teased me through the silk. I could feel my self getting wet as my cock seemed to throb with the pulse of my heart. One of her hands found my balls and caressed them through the panties while she feather-touched my penis. The sensation was indescribable, the culmination of countless fantasies. I felt my knees weaken as I swayed in her grasp.

"Sit," she commanded guiding me to the sofa. I collapsed against the soft leather and she settled onto the floor in front of me, blue eyes sparkling with passion.

I stretched out on the sofa and Jane went wild. Her hands seemed everywhere, first gently touching then insistently stroking. Her lips and hair moved across my skin as well, seeming to leave trails of fire. I shuddered and moaned under her touch. Reason giving way to desire only to be consumed by lust. The torture was exquisite. I wanted it to go on forever yet I needed a climax if only to give my mind a chance to recover. But Jane moved at her own pace, invoking what sensations she would allow.

At some point, Jane had freed my penis from the confines of my panties. I jutted free, my head slick with oozing pre-cum. Jane had my balls in one hand while the other gripped my ass, kneading with her fingers while her tongue flicked the underside of my cock. A soft whimper escaped from me. I wanted her so much. Sensing my need and willing at last to oblige, she slid her tongue upwards, dancing it across the head of my cock. I pressed up towards her but she controlled me with her hands. Her warm mouth closed over me and I felt her engulf my length.

The feeling was rapturous as she moved up and down on my shaft, her tongue swirling around the head as her lips slide my length. The sensation carried me forward, drawing me deeper into rapport with her. I wanted the sensation to stretch out forever. But it couldn

At last, my orgasm subsided. Jane was quite complete, making sure every drop of cum was cleaned away, even licking the corners of her mouth with obvious pleasure. Once she was done, she tucked me back into my panties and sat on the arm of the sofa, leaning down to kiss me for the first time. The lingering taste of my own semen passed from her mouth to mine.

"Thank you," I managed to say.

"Oh, my pleasure," she answered and smiled at me. Despite the after shocks of my orgasm, I felt myself grow aroused again. "Shall we continue?"

"Gladly," I replied.

Jane took my hands and set them on her ankles. I felt her skin through her stockings and began to slowly work my way up, feeling each inch of the way, enjoying her legs. By the way she rolled her head back and gasped, I assumed she was enjoying as well. I ran my fingers up the back, playing with the seams of her stockings, then reached the back of her knees. I paused to trace slow circles with my fingertips then continued up her thighs to the hem of her skirt. The velvet brushed the back of my hands as they crept slowly up. I paused, withdrew my hands, and continued up the side of her skirts, feeling her garters and hips as I went. She moaned slightly in semi-frustration.

"Fair is fair," I said. She didn

I ran my hands up her hips and under her jacket, brushing the flesh through the thin white fabric. I didn

"There is something I need to tell you," she gasped through her pleasure "About shared secrets."

This time I silenced her with a gentle kiss. Her skirt had hiked up by now exposing her gartered thighs. Teasingly, I raised the velvet skirt higher, revealing her black garterbelt and shear panties as well as "the secret" they contained. Another vista yawed. Time slowed as I looked at the erect penis encased in the shear black fabric. Jane clenched her lower lip between her teeth, eyes shut, trembling. Again, I stepped of into the unknown.

"Lovely," I whisper into Jane

I stoked Jane through the black panties, watching the fabric darken as pre-cum soaked through. I reached out with my tongue to lick away the moisture. I moved the fabric with my hands enough to free Jane

"I wonder what it will taste like?" I thought, as Jane

"Did I pass my orals?" I ask.


Everyone was hot for the new teacher. But I was the one who got lucky beyond words.

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