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Title: Laundromat White Panties

Once when my wife and I were doing laundry since our machines were not yet installed, I noticed a collection of clothing on a shelf like six feet above the floor. It was the lost and found. I could just see a bunch of grey and red and black stuff and one white article looking for all the world like a pair of cotton panties was dangling over the edge.
This wasn't my first opportunity, a couple of weeks before I found some neat panties inside the dryer drum up on a little shelf. Anyway, the attendant, a nice elooking fortyish gal in white shorts and a white blouse went into the office so I quickly looked at my wife and she was busy sorting so I moved to the shelf and grabbed the panty.

It was a VS, white cotton with some embroidery on it. I stuffed it in my pocket and went on with my laundry business. The attendant came out and went about her business. Later, as she strolled by the lost and found she apparently noticed the white panties missing and swung her head around to me, the only person in the vicinity.

Our eyes met and she continued to look at me, probably wondering about my motive. I wondered about her motive for having the panties hanging so temptingly over the edge of the shelf. We'll never know.

After we got home I went into the bathroom and examined the panties closely and tried them on. They were size 5 or 6 and were a little snug but still a treat for me, as I visualized the young woman who had so recently worn them.

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