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Title: Swim Class

I actually have had peeks of boys and men wearing panties.
The most exciting time was when I was in about grade 4 or 5. I had been wearing panties myself for a couple of years by that time and enjoyed it very much even to the point of buying panties for myself. Anyway, it was during swimming lessons one day when we were practicing artificial respiration (mouth to mouth was just coming in). One of the techniques was the Sylvester (I think) where the rescuer knelt just above the upward-facing victim's head and extended the victims arms outwards and alternately compressed the chest with the victims then folded arms.

I was partnered with a guy, Peter, in my class who I'd only known for that summer. All of the guys, including myself, were wearing nylon bikini bathing suits (this was in the 60s) except for Peter who wore shorts (that were very short in those days). I was the first rescuer and my time went without incident. When we changed places and I got down on my back on my towel I couldn't help but seeing up my partner's shorts. I was dumbstruck, under his shorts he was wearing white nylon panties with pink and blue flowers and lace around the legs. I immediately got turned on which was not great when wearing a nylon bikini and I'm sure that everyone noticed, Peter sure did. By the time we were finished I was almost popping out of my swim suit.

When the class was over I hung around in the change room to see if anything would happen or, if everyone left, I'd change into my panties and shorts, otherwise I'd put on a tee shirt and just wear my bathing suit for the bike ride home. I guess Peter noticed that my bulge wasn't going away and he too hung back. After everyone had left and Peter was about to I asked him quietly if he always wore panties. He turned bright red and asked what I meant. I told him that I'd seen his panties and that was what was making me horny. He was so flustered he couldn't speak so I tried to reasure him that his secret was safe. At that point I opened my pack sack and pulled out a pair of my own panties.

He then relaxed and came over and we sat together. He then put his hand on my penis over my nylon bikini and started rubbing me. I said that we should move to behind the door in case anyone came in (the change room also had a wooden floor so we could tell if someone did come). When we moved I asked Peter to take his shorts off so that I could see all of his panties which he did. He stood in front of me and I stroked his now-hard penis through his panties. He got so turned on that I thought he was going to cum but instead knelt between my legs, pulled the front of my bikini down and placed my erect penis in his mouth (the first time that this had happened to me). He sucked me for a short time (probably seconds) and when I was about to cum he suddenly stood up, turned around and straddled my erection with his bum through his panties. As he started moving up and down I reached around clutching his erection through his damp panties and started to masturbate him. I climaxed first creaming the back of his panties and my bikini and, as I came, so did he in his panties as I continued to slide my hand up and down his shaft.

As we began to relax I rubbed his cum all over the front and gusset of his panties as he slowly moved up and down, occasionally squeezing my penis with his bum. When we both stopped throbbing we got up and he put his shorts back on whikle I changed into my own panties showing off to him before pulling on my shorts. He asked what if I was interested in going to his house. I was and it turned out to be even more exciting than the morning had been.

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