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Title: Panty Swap

My 32 yr old wife and I went on vacation for 2 weeks and had a blast. My wife is 5'10" 175 lbs with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. We stayed in 3 different places and found cheap motels to stay in to save some cash. The second place we stayed I managed to meet a 24 yr old guy on-line before we left who was willing to swap his 21 yr old girlfriend and 46 yr old moms panties when I was in town.
I took a pair of panties my wife wore for 2 full days of travelling and headed out while she napped after doing some shopping in a local market. I had taken her yellow cotton bikini style panties with daffy duck on the crotch from a garbage bag we were keeping dirty clothes in. These panties were really dirty with visible stains and prominent smell. I went to the bar had a beer and then drove to a local park where he was meeting me with his 21 yr old girlfriend's panties and his 46 yr old mom's. He actually gave me his cell ph # for me to call him when I wanted. He rode up on his motorcycle and we decided to walk a little into a wooded area. We sat at a picnic table out of the way in a tree line and pulled out the panties. I had a picture of my wife in my wallet and he had pics of his mom and girlfriend he printed off his computer. Her grad photo and the family pic with his mom enlarged.

I gave him the pic and told him how my wife likes to fuck. I told him what she likes and what she doesn't and he did the same of his girlfriend. He told me she won't take it up the ass but he licks it all the time. She was really tiny with a size 6 panty. The panties were stained with cum and smelled really strong. His mom was pretty with red hair and nice lips. If his dad only knew what we were doing. He told me he use to hear them fuck when he lived home and that he took the panties while they were at work yesterday. He had 1 pair from each and both had alot of scent. He sniffed my wife's panties and gagged. He got embarassed and laughed a bit and I did too. He took a few more whiffs and I sniffed his moms. He buried his nose in my wife's panty crotch looking at her picture. I told him to jerk-off with them if he wanted and he was a little hesitant. I told him it was okay and that we were out of the way enough to not be seen.

He watched as I undid my pants, pulled out my cock and began stroking it with his mom's panties that I turned inside out. I slowly rubbed the dirty crotch over the head while sniffing his girlfriend's. I took her pink thong and licked and sucked every drop. He just kept staring at my cock as I looked at the photos. I told him to hurry up because I had to leave soon.

He then pulled down his track pants and wrapped my wife's panties around his big shaved cock. This guy was bigger than me but he was alot shyer. I asked him if he ever sniffed his mom's panties and he nodded his head no. I asked him if he wanted to smell them. He looked around really nervous and said yeah. I handed the guy his mom's dirty panties while he was jerking-off with my wife's and he started smelling them. He was very hesitant but became pretty comfortable. He them switched it up and began smelling my wife's. He started jerking with his mom's and he picked up the pace. I could not take anymore and came on the picnic table while licking his girlfriend's gusset. I told him to cum in my wife's panties and he quickly did. I wiped my dick off in his mom's panties and he filled my wife's. I took them from him and put them in a plastic bag in my pocket. I took my wallet pic gave him his pics and panties and left him there as I went to my car and drove away. I pulled over on the way
home and jerked-off looking at my wife's panties dripping with cum. I cleaned them with paper towel and put them back in the garbage bag in the motel room. She never knew a thing.

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