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Title: Caught By GF Friend

Last night I got caught while dressed up! My girlfriend and I have a great relationship and she knows that I dress. She is really ok with it and even dresses with me. She has not however discussed my lifestyle with any of her friends and I guess you could say I am still in the closet. Last night she left to go meet with one of her friends that had flown in to town for the weekend to have dinner. She just got a new car and I was at home cleaning it up for her. So, she decides to take my car instead of waiting for hers. No big deal. I finished cleaning the car then went inside to take a shower. When I finished showering I decided to get a little more comfortable if you know what I mean so I dressed up! I was wearing tan pantyhose, a short pink skirt, white sheer top, white lace and bow ankle socks, and my pink 6" stiletto heel ankle strap pumps. I did my makeup and wig and was just finishing up and walked in to the bedroom when all of a sudden, here comes her other friend Angela through the bedroom door! We both just stood there looking at one another for what seemed like forever. Finally I managed to say hey Angela and she was like, OH MY GOD!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? She then asked where my girlfriend was and if she knew about what I was doing. I asked her to please come in and I would explain. I was actually suprised that she did in fact come in the bedroom and sat down on the edge of the bed and listened to me explain that my girlfriend did in fact know about me as well as why I enjoyed dressing. She took it pretty well all things considered and we sat and talked for about 2 hours until my girlfriend came home. At that point we all went to the living room, "me still dressed", and watched television and talked. Angela asked alot of questions but in the end seemed to be ok with everything. The biggest concern that she had was if I were gay. I explained that I was not and that most crossdressers are in fact straight. Before the evening was over, she actually came into the bedroom with my girlfriend and I and looked at some of my things that I liked to wear. I even got to model a few things before she left. This morning my girlfriend told me that they talked again at lunch and that everything was fine. She even said that Angela thought it would be cool to come over some time and even help dress me up!! Still, that was a very scary situation to be in!

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