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Title: Stepdaughters Pantyhose

This is a true story, but I just have to write it down, to get it out of my system - I live in Scotland in the UK, and had a strict religious upbringing. I'm a regular church goer and try to live decently as much as I can. But I've always, my whole life, been plagued by a deep fetish for women wearing stockings or tights (pantyhose in the USA). I've struggled with my desires and I've had many tortured nights over the years fighting against masturbation and giving in to my lust. But sometimes I find myself pushed too far. I suffer huge guilt afterwards, but it's also, strangely, an exquisite torture at the same time.
I find if I write about it, it's like confessing, bursting the boil so to speak, but also the act of writing makes it so exciting, too. I suppose, too, it stops me from doing anything bad in the real world, and keeps my thoughts internal.

I married a few years ago, when I was about 40, and my wife has three children, now in their late teens and twenties. One of them, Caroline, lived with us until she went to university two years ago.

She is a pretty brunette with long, brown hair, about 5ft 2in tall. When I first met her she was 17, and still at school.

From time to time I would run her to school in the car, and mostly she wore trousers, but sometimes (if there was a special school assembly, a concert or an exam), she would be obliged to wear skirts. And what skirts!

The first day I drove her to school when she wore a skirt I couldn't help my gaze falling to her long, teenage legs. She wore a maroon blazer, a white blouse and striped tie, a very short black mini skirt and shiny, black opaque pantyhose (I call them tights) and clumpy-heeled black shoes. She has quite a mature figure and plump, medium-sized breasts. Her womanly thighs encased in shiny nylon made my mouth go dry. And as she got into the passenger seat, the skirt rode up her thighs, which she held together.

I pretended to concentrate on starting the car but my eyes - God help me! - kept straying to her legs. I couldn't resist the sheen of the thick, black nylons and the shapeliness of her legs. I was trembling a little as I started the car. Every so often she wriggled in her seat and she would try to yank down the hem of her skirt. But it was just too short and wouldn't move much. Every so often the rocking of the car would make her slide around in her seat and I heard the damnable sound of her nyloned thighs rasping together. I can't remember the last time I felt quite so excited and so guilty.

When I dropped her off, she bent low to get out of the car and her skirt rode up at the back. I caught sight of the crotch of her pantyhose and the triangle of her little white knickers (panties) underneath, as well as the reinforced top of her tights and the seam running up her crotch. It was all I could do not to reach out and run my hand up the inside of her legs and squeeze her girlish pussy.

Oh, God! I thought. Forgive me for these filthy thoughts. I was beside myself with lust and anguished guilt.

On the way home I parked the car in a secluded spot and tried to catch my breath. I briefly unzipped my trousers and freed my aching cock, and fiddled with it a little, thinking about my step-daughter. But I daren't do this. I should not! So, my balls aching and my thoughts on fire, I squeezed myself, unfulfilled, back into my trousers, and drove home.

My wife collected Caroline from school, so I didn't get another opportunity to see the girl dressed in her uniform. But I told myself that was probably just as well. I wasn't sure I could handle the guilt. I also made sure I was in my room, working, when she came home, to be out of the way of temptation. However, I did hear her going upstairs and I couldn't resist opening my door a little and kneeling down to peek up her skirt as she climbed the stairs. This time I could a full view of her white panties - that skirt was SO short! - and her long legs in pitch black shiny hose. My heart was pounding, and I had to squeeze my cock a couple of times through my trousers.

I tried to make love to my wife that night, but she wasn't interested, so I lay sleepless most of the night. My cock was aching and twitching as I thought of Caroline, but I was afraid to do anything to relieve myself. The guilt was just too much. And so I had to live with lack of sleep.

This went on for about a week. I drove Caroline to school once more, and once again she wore a mini skirt with black pantyhose. I was going insane.

Finally, I couldn't take the torture any longer. I waited until my wife was at work and snuck into Caroline's bedroom. I rummaged in her laundry basket and found a pair of her school tights and a pair of black lycra panties. They smelled of her. The crotch was damp and I deeply inhaled my teenage daughter's vaginal scents. I rushed to the bathroom and worked one leg of the pantyhose over my rigid work. Working it into the nylon almost made me ejaculate without any more touching, thinking it was my girl's school tights. And remembering how she looked when she wore them.

I stretched the toe over my cock until my glans was almost ripping through. Then I gripped the nylon against my balls, holding it at full stretch, making a ring with my thumb and forefinger of the other hand and gently chafed myself through the nylon. My foreskin was stretched all the way back, so my fingers brushing through the nylon on my glans made me tingle all over. I started, guiltily, to imagine Caroline with her skirt pulled up to her waist, letting me stand behind her. I was pushing my dick between the tops of her thighs, her teenage bottom smacking against my belly and balls as the nylons rubbed and chafed and tickled my cock shaft and glans.

This was just torture. The guilt and the excitement. Imagining gripping Caroline's thighs through her tights, pulling and stroking the nylon as I squeezed and rubbed between her clamped thighs.

And then it happened. The horrific, desperate build up in my testicles and belly. The spunk gathering inside ready to blow. The boiling sensation as it raced up my shaft. And then - Oh, thank God! - the desperate relieve as I shot massive loads of cum into Caroline's tights. I came and came, so hard I almost fell to the ground. Big dollops of hot, sticky cum clouded the toe of the tights as I pictured it smearing my step-daughter's nyloned thighs.

I can't remember the last time I came so hard. I still feel guilty and still fight the feelings, but I know I won't be able to keep my hands off myself sometimes, especially whenever I see Caroline in a short skirt and hose.

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