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Title: Halloween

Several years ago, I was invited to a halloween party at one of my friends house. My wife said that she would go as a witch, but I had no clue what to go as. I went to the local mall and looked around and found the perfect outfit. It was a jester costume. I really didn't like the hat so I found a scary mask that had the jester hat on it. I then went to find some tights that looked like what a jester would wear. I found some online but I only had 2 days before the party and the tights would not have made it in time. I decided to just wear black tights.
I went to a department store and told the lady in the hosiery department what I needed. She showed me several styles and we both agreeded on one pair. They were fairly thick but showed a little bit of skin color. I was so ready. My wife has known for years that I wear pantyhose and love to see them and has always been open about it. I had always wanted to be able to go out in public in pantyhose but could never do it openly. Well halloween night came and I was already dressed and waiting for my wife to get ready.

My stomach was in knots thinking about the fact that I was about to go out wearing tights. My wife came out of the bathroom after getting ready and my mouth almost hit the floor. The witch costume was about mid-thigh in length and she was wearing sheer pantyhose with fencenet pantyhose over the top of them and four inch black heels. I got an instant hard on. As i stood up she looked down at my crotch and smiled. I looked down and could see a buldge pushing through the costume. She said I better fix that before we get to the party.

On the way all I had on my mind is that we were both in pantyhose. We went in to the party and started socializing. Everybody loved my costume. I got second place for best costume.

On the way home my wife put her feet up on the dash and started slipping her heel in and out of her shoe. She didn't know it but it was driving me crazy. I wanted her right then and there. I started trying to slip my hand in between her legs but she kept them closed tight and just looked at me and smiled.

We got home and I could hardly get in the door from trying to get her dress off. When we got in the bedroom she pushed me back on the bed and slipped my shoes off.

She started kissing my feet through the tights. It was wonderful. Then she layed down opposite of me and put her feet in my face as she continued with mine.

After a few minutes she turned around and started sucking my dick through the pantyhose. I was about to explode.

She stopped and tore a hole in my tights and then slowly lowered herself down on me. There was something different. My dick felt like it was going into a vise. She was putting my dick in her ass. It was wonderful but i knew I wouldn't last long. After a few minutes I told her that I was about to come and she stopped.

She reached under the bed and pulled out a dildo and told me to relax. She turned facing away from me and lowered her pussy onto my dick at the same time she started pushing the dildo up my ass. It was a little painful at first but after a couple of minutes it started reaching my prostate. It didn't take long before i was about to come. My wife was pounding heavily up and down on my dick and more rapidly probing my ass.

She started screaming from an orgasm which put me over the top. I exploded with and orgasm like I have never had before. We laid there talking about it for a while and since then our sexual pleasures have tripled. Give it a try you'll see.

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