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Title: Guy Next Door

I am an 32-year-old divorced female who lives next door to an 18-year-old male and his parents. As a devoted pantyhose wearer, I have them on when I go into the back yard in a short skirt to lie in my hammock. I often spot Tom staring at me. One day I called him over and asked him why he would always stare at me. He said that I looked so sexy in my pantyhose. I thanked him for the compliment.
The next day his mother told me that she and her husband were going out of town for a couple of days and asked me if I would look in on Tom. I told her that I would. After they left, I saw Tom in the back, yes, watching me laying in the hammock in a pants suit that I still had on from work and, of course, pantyhose. I had taken my shoes off so he could see my pantyhose feet. I asked him if he would like to come over in an hour and have supper with me. He said okay.

After we ate, I left Tom watching television while I changed into something more comfortable - my shortest dress and a pair of new nude colored pantyhose.

I asked Tom if he would do something for me. He said, what? I said my feet hurt from these tight shoes I've been wearing. Will you massage them for me? He said, yeah.

I placed my feet in his lap and he removed my shoes and began rubbing my pantyhose feet. I said, that feels good, Tom. Do you think my feet look good? He said, yes they look great. I said, you can kiss them if you want to.

He began to passionately kiss the top of my feet. How long have you liked pantyhose? He said he's like them since he was 12. I asked him if he had ever tried them. He said he wanted to but he was afraid his mother would catch him. I said. well would you like to try a pair of mine. He said yes I sure would.

We went to my bedroom and I picked Tom out tan colored pantyhose. He took off his shorts and underwear and slowly put on the pantyhose. He said they feel great. His rod was about to jump out of his pantyhose. I said here take this knife and cut a hole in them and I'll cut a hole in mine.

I gave Tom a massage with my tongue and then instructed him to slide the stiff rod in me. When we finished, I told him that he could leave the pantyhose on if he wanted to. He put his shorts and sandals back on over the pantyhose.

The next morning I took Tom to the mall to get him some pantyhose. I put on a short dress and pantyhose but was amazed that he still was wearing the pantyhose from the night before with shorts. I said, aren't you scared somebody will see you. Tom said that he didn't care and that he wasn't going to take them off.

The salesgirl asked if she could help me. I said Tom here wants to get himself some pantyhose. She smiled and said you're in luck our pantyhose is 25 percent off today. When Tom's parents got home, his mother asked me if I checked on him. I said yes we had supper together last night. She thanked me and sent Tom over to thank me.

Why aren't you wearing your shorts, Tom? He said that he didn't want his parents to see me in them so he put long pants over them. I said, well the next time your parents go out of town, come back, wear your pantyhose and you can massage my feet again. You never know what it will lead to. He thanked me but not for the supper. He said thanks for the new love of my life - pantyhose.

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