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Title: UPS Lady

The other day I'm sittin' here at the computer ogling all the beautiful ladies in their wonderful accessories when I decided to rub one off. Since I was home alone at the time, I figured all would be all right. Boy, was I wrong!
Our computer desk sits beside the back windows of the house. The shades were up allowing the gorgeous sunlight in. But, right in the middle of my jerk there was a loud knock at the back door. I got up and tried to rearrange myself.

When I opened the door there stood the most beautiful UPS driver I've ever seen.

Now, normally these drivers just leave the packages at the door and go on their way, but she actually waited for me to come to the door. When I asked her about this she said she noticed what I was doing through the window as she got to the door.

Damn, I thought, I should have put the shades down. As I stammered, searching for some ill-fated reply, she asked if she could come in.

I said sure since she was already on to me.

She walked over to the computer which still held the exquisite pictures I'd been jerking off to.

She sat down and took in everything she saw. Then, she got up and asked me to sit. I did.

She began to strip for me, undoing her ugly brown uniform to reveal a sexy black bra and, to my surprise, a pair of sheer tan pantyhose!

"So, you really like pantyhose huh?" she asked.

Again I was rendered speechless but my ever-growing cock began speaking for me.

She kneeled in front of me and began licking and sucking on my engorged manhood. She brought me ever closer to orgasm but would stop short of allowing me that pleasure.

Then, she climbed on top of me, straddling my dick as she tore a hole in her crotch. She lowered her hot, steamy pussy lips around my pole and began riding me like a cowgirl.

We went at it for almost thirty minutes before we both climaxed.

Exhausted, I lay back in the chair to regain my breath as she put her uniform back on.

She leaned close to my ear, kissed my cheek, and said, " Your secret is safe with me, but don't be surprised if I come knockin' on your door again in a few days. And with that she left.

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