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Title: Fetish Surprise

Like everyone else who has a pantyhose/tights{uk} fetish I new there was something nice, but did'nt know it was erotic until I became an adult, when I was a child. I grew up in the seventies and every woman wore mini skirts and tights, I would throw my pocket money on the floor outside the local disco and watch as they bent over to pick it up just to get a glimps of dark tan tights and white satin panties. Little did I know, and I am glad, that love for the satin and nylon I had then, would stay with me forever. At 41 years of age I am married to a wonderful, and beautiful wife, who like most tights lovers knew nothing of my fetish when we met. But being understanding and and having a love that is strong has made our lives precious, and I would do anything for her as she has done for me. Telling her I found panties and tights erotic was nerve rakking, imagine how I felt when I told her I would like to cross dress for sex now and then. But do you know, it was'nt a problem, just like the fetish for tights she accepted me for me and the gates to heaven opened. Some time ago I bought a pc. and got internet access and it was only then I found that there are millions of tights fetishists around the world and made me feel good to know there are sites I can log onto just to see beautiful women in tights and having sex in them too. It also opened up the closet for my wifes fantasies as well, being able to talk about raunchy sex with strangers and show photos {face hidden} in sexy undies to men and women is a tease and a turn on for her. I must admit the thought of my wife having sex and then coming home to me wet and horny gives me a buzz as well.
Then one night a couple of years ago she said to me that she wanted a one night stand with someone she had got to know on the net. As you can imagine I was taken aback and was shocked for a while, but who was the woman who catered for, and understood me when she could of kicked me to the kerb and branded me a freek. No it was now her turn for some fun and all you need is trust and understanding. So she kept to her word and a one night stand it was, the sex between us after that was fab. so trying to compromise I told her I would often speak to tights fetishists who's partner if they had one was not as understaning as her and that maybe if she felt good about it could help them out, and to be honest fulfill my fantasy of cum filled satin panties and wet tights and pussy by having a one night stand with them but this time, in satin undies and tights.

Guess what, she said it sounded fine to her but she would decide who with, and I would choose the clothes.

I got home from work two days later and she had that look in her eye that said, we need to talk. She told me she had been on a web site in my folder and had been chating to a guy who I had known on the net and she found him to be pleasant, happy go lucky bussiness man who was happily married but his wife would not oblige in his fetish for tights so my wife said that if he could go to a hotel nearby she would give him a night to never forget.

No problem if your happy then so am I, when is he coming, tomorrow she said, not giving me time to think sbout it she said, so you better go and find the clothes I am to wear. The next evening I e-mailed him a pic of her in my favorite outfit and layed it out for her while she took a bath, an hour had passed and I walked into the bedroom to be met with the sight of my wife finishing off her best tarty make up, sat in front of the mirror in a matching blue satin panties and bra, mink coloured tights and cream strappy high healed shoes.

She turned to me and asked 'how do I look' incredible' I replyed but you better get a move on your taxi arrives in ten mins. Oh, she said nervously better get dressed then, she put on a black chiffon blouse and a white mini skirt that was made from a thin material, so thin I could make out the blue panties and dark tan tights through it, she looked orgasmic. She picked up her white jacket and bag, and made her way down stairs to the room where she picked up the phone and phoned him at the hotel. 'I wont be long see you in twenty mins.. yes she said I am wearing the same outfit inluding the blue undies and mink tights as in the pics.

With that a horn sounded outside, thats my taxi she said standing up, she leaned towards the mirror on the wall to check her make up, as she bent forward her skirt pulled across her bum showing me one last time her panties and tights.

Have a good time I said to her as she turned to blow me a kiss, as she closed the door I could see a devilish look in her eyes.

She was gone for about four hours, then I heard the key open the front door and my heart stated to race. The room door opened and she came in, her clothes were not straight her make up was smeared across her face. Well, no need to ask if you had a good time darling but did you. Oh yes she said, very good, and did he come in your panties and tights, did he ever I've never seen so much come out of one cock, it was amazing look she said walking over to me pulling her skirt up for me to be met with the sight of my wifes undies soaking wet with sex. How many times did you come baby, I asked, quite a few she said, but all I want now is for you to add your come to whats already there. I needed no other invite, I deep kissed her smeared mouth then she leaned foward standing up but holding on to the back of the sofa, she pulled her come filled panties to one side and through a hole cut in her tights my cock fell into my beautiful wifes sodden pussy, needless to say it was'nt long before I added my love juice to her and watched it run out and fall onto her nylon thighs.

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