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Title: Pantyhose Freak Nailed - Part 5

We ripped the sheets off and threw another old blanket on top since she removed her strapon and then threw herself back on the bed. I proceeded to return the hard fuck she had just given me. My sheer black pantyhose encased legs slid easily between hers as she parted them wide to accept my thrusts. She bit her lips as my engorged member vanished between her sexy sweet sheer black pantyhose encased thighs and burst her pussy lips apart. Our pubic bones cracked together like two coconuts. I though for sure one of us broke a pelvis. We fucked back at one another drenched in sweat like wild animals. Our bodies swishing and sliding against each other in pure sensual bliss. My cock was still going, un-fucking-believable. I was amazed it could stay this hard this long. But I was in heaven. I had dreamed a million times and pounded my fist a thousand more in my sheer black pantyhose. Now here I was thrusting my huge 8
Her cum again suddenly snuck up her as she squealed again, shuddered and banged her mound back at me so hard I thought a gallon of her cum blew all over us. Her pantyhosed legs wrapped so tightly around my back. Her pussy tightened and squeezed down hard on my cock as I tried to continue to pound away at her lovebox. She was still clenched from waves of orgasms filling her entire body when my member was drained as I hit the bottom of her snatch with my last thrust. AAAAAAarrrgghhh!!! I came again hard.

We groped all over each others sheer black nylon encased bodies and I brought her very close to another 3 orgasms with my tounge and fingers. Her fingers were still skillfully fondled my dripping cock in my sheer black pantyhose.

Again I moved on top of her and again slid my rock hard throbbing cock right into her soft wet pussy.

My cock was harder and thicker than ever. Her pussy was getting the fucking of her life. As I began to push my cock in and out of her quickly. I began to build up a little speed and power. I again noticed that I could see her nyloned legs wrapped around my sheer black pantyhosed ass in the mirror and TV. The sensation of the nylon rubbing up and down my sides as I fucked her and watched myself fucking her was driving me crazy. She was tightly using her sheer pantyhose covered arms to try to keep the two of us from coming apart. Were we out of control. The bed was creaking, and shaking. Screws popped out and the bed came apart. Her legs were wrapped tightly around my back and were caressing my ass when the frame collapsed and we hit the floor. My dick then hit the bottom of her cunt so hard I thought I poked right through her.

I noticed that I could clearly see everything in the TV. There we were, covered in sheer black pantyhose, finally fucking the shit out of one another with our nyloned legs wrapped tightly around each other. I could see her toes clenched and her feet tightly arched in pleasure inside the sheerness of the black pantyhose. This made me pound my cock into her even harder than ever, thrusting it in as far as I could get it. I went faster, ramming it into her like a jack hammer. Our grunts and groans barely covered the sounds of the multiple payers of nylon whoosing over our bodies. She clenched my body with her legs and locked her ankles around me. Then screamed and began to quickly rub her sexy sheer nylon encased legs all over my body. I could hear the nylon loudly singing out to me with our movements. Her face was red as she began screaming in pleasure. Her pussy muscles gripped me so hard I grabbed her legs and pushed them up under my chest so her feet were in my face. My mouth tore at her and I licked her sheer nylon covered toes and the bottoms of her arched sending her into orbit. Her eyes opened wide for a second and she let out a quick murmur as my cock went in deeper from the different position. I could tell as I watched her face that she had never been fucked like this before. She was helping me hold her legs up around her head.

I thrusted into her more, pushing even harder as I watched her pantyhosed legs bob up and down in the TV monitor.

She squealed as her body spasmed and shook from my thrusts. I pumped at her furiously mashing my pubic bone against her cunt. Rubbing her clit that was really sticking out from the way I was positioned. I pumped and pumped as we chewed at each others erect nipples. I was in ecstacy! I had a real hot lady pumping my huge cock in silky sheer black pantyhose! It was all I could take and I pulled her over towards the edge of the bed which gave me extra deep penetration. She laughed outloud and screamed for me to fuck her harder as I stepped back into the 6

I started to convulse, buck, buckle and moan as her cunt gave away to my meat and she started to orgasm again! Our longest most intense orgasm we

I could not contain it anymore. I let her legs back down in an attempt to regain my balance. My now limp cock slipped from her lovenest and I fell over on the bed next to her. I had never cum so much, nor cum that hard before. She jerked me gently until no more came out.

From across the room and a loud click came from the VCR. It started to rewind, and in a few moments...

...we both watched & re-lived that video over and over all weekend...

...the next weekend a friend came back with her to join us...

...and there they both stood, other than the 6

...The next thing I knew I was between her sheer nylon thighs with my cock buried deeply in her hot pussy at the same time that I was slowly and deeply being fucked in my ass from behind by the other...

I dreamed of her fucking my ass deep from behind while she made me pound her girlfriend silly. All the while we

...but that was another story for another weekend...

She called today. They're both cuming over Friday night next weekend. I'll be seeing her and her sweet little girlfriend very soon!

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