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Title: Pantyhose Freak Nailed - Part 4

When I awoke her nylon covered fingers were tickling around my balls again and stroking the insides of my sheer pantyhose covered inner thighs. Damn, my cock was raging again before I really even came to. Her lips kissed my cock and slid over the head of my rod as it disappeared completely down her throat. Wow!
That sent me over the edge as the wildest feelings rushed through my body, I threw her on her back, climbed on top and mounted her strapon all on my own. I instantly spurted precum, thrusting my ass down on her strapon, trying to get all of it in me. I easily slid up and down feeling still very slippery inside from the many loads she had dumped in my ass earlier. She watched in utter amazement as I fucked myself silly on her strapon. We were caressing our thighs and our nipples the whole time. Her hands slid up and down my sides. I came several times before I could stop pumping my ass on her dildo. Those knobbed ribs on that thing made my prostrate throb over and over from the pumpings I was receiving from her sweet sheer black pantyhose encased body. My last wad fell to her commanding hands. Finally I fell off her, the strapon popped out of my wet ass. Stream after stream of our hot spunk was dribbling down both the front and back of my sheer black pantyhose encased sweet thighs.

I collapsed back into her arms, our sheer smooth pantyhose legs entwined. She flipped me over on my stomach and drove her strapon back into my ass. My ass cheeks were now being spanked with a small silken paddle she had produced. Her well lubricated hand found it

Limber isn

The next time I awoke, she was stroking my pantyhose encased body again. My cock again roared from the attention as my girl loved every inch of me. She was so turned on, and she wasn

"Please fuck me!" I begged, "Please give me that big hard cock in my asspussy, I'm such a bad girl in my sheer black pantyhose, I deserve it. Please fuck me." I said, giggling at how absurd I must sound. She was too turned on to laugh. She started to yell, "Yes you little bitch, you want to get fucked like a girl, you want my big cock stretching your ass, pumping your ass, rubbing the backside of your dick from inside. God you bitch, take your hands and spread that asspussy of yours. Beg me to fuck you like a woman. You look so sexy in those sheer black pantyhose. I think that I am going to fuck you silly!

As she did just that, her face pressed into mine and our tounges entwined as she pushed my ankles up around my head, she gripped the bed behind my head and told me to hold on, and slowly plowed the whole thing all the way into my asspussy. Desperate for breath after that, I was crying to be fucked. I squealed for her to fuck me, faster, pump me deep. She positioned herself well and drilled my asspussy again. Back to the other world for me. The world of blissful sheer black pantyhose heaven. My arms wrapped around my own legs and I held on tight. She was really giving it to me this time. My head went back and my eyes rolled away.

The head of her hard strapon was entering the tight pink entrance of my asshole. The knobs were rubbing my prostrate and sending it into more fabulous spasms. Cum continued to pour non-stop from my shaft. She was pushing her cock into me, it felt like it was splitting my hole as she worked it into me. It hurt, but the hurt only made it better. This one felt bigger as she had switched the strapon attachment for a much larger one. This thing was almost 9

She was fucking me like a girl, and I was screaming like one. Something I couldn

In her face I saw the look, and I knew she was getting ready to cum. This one had a matching 9

I licked her face furiously all inhibitions gone for sure now and I felt my orgasm subside. My asshole convulsed as she pulled that big thing out of me. My cock pumped three more shots into the air as she withdrew.

She flipped me over on my hands and knees and for a moment I thought about struggling, making a break for it, but I decided I

I now knew how she felt after I fucked her hard for hours non-stop. My eyes went back in my head and I think I blacked out for five or ten minutes. When I awoke she was moaning and thrashing about madly, still ramming her strapon into my ass. I started moaning back actually enjoying this sweet torture. She reached around my waist and starting jerking off my throbbing cock as she pumped me, which sent me straight back to heaven.

She squeezed a glob of lube over my cock and balls and was quickly and furiously stroking my dick with a frenzy as she begin to pick up speed pounding my ass. She had pushed it all the way in me and was giving my prostrate the most intense massage imaginable. I could feel that familiar thumping starting at the inside-back-under-side of my cock which meant another flying blast of cum was on it

I now found myself whimpering and moaning like a bitch, I was her pantyhosed sissy slave, and was at her complete mercy. She ran her hands up and down my sides. Tweaking my nipples and caressing the insides of my crotch. Spanking my ass cheeks now and then. Her tounge was now kissing my neck and would sensuously lick my ears while I trembled in the most intense mulitple body gasms. I could feel the tension mounting again in my cock and soon I felt the cum boiling out. "Oh... god... ...please, I

As I screamed this she didn

My ass, balls and cock were soaked. She must have used a whole bottle of lube when she greased me for her strapon fun tonight. With her hands sensuously rubbing my body between stroking my ballsack and cock covered in lube. My balls had to be empty by now. And how in the world was she keeping my cock this hard this long. Amazingly enough, she found my weakness

I was moaning loudly as she continued to fuck my ass with intensity. Her strapon had been pumping faster and faster into my ass. Juices were running down my thighs as she ran her fingernails up and down my body again. Tingles and shimmers made me once again shudder in delight. Her hands found my nylon covered ass cheeks and began to spank my ass as she pounded my backdoor. Stings on my cheeks caused me to squeeze my asspussy which made her slap my ass harder as she would have trouble shoving that big strapon back in my hot wet tight asshole. My prostrate was thumping loudly from deep inside. She leaned in and wrapped herself tightly around me when she ran her nylon covered arms around me and wrapped herself tighter. Her fingers playing with my nipples as she whispered,

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