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Title: Pantyhose Freak Nailed - Part 3

Suddenly, I felt something rubbing against my ass. I thought she was again inserting her index finger. This drove me to the most intense and powerful orgasms. So without fear I allowed my ass to open. Except I was opening wider than ever before. Only then when it was too late did I realized this was something more than her probing fingers. I cried out when my vision came back and I looked up to see her on her hands and knees stretching my ass open with a small knobby strapon dildo. I would never even consider being taken by a man. But a sexy out of control hot woman with us both dressed in sheer black pantyhose? What the fuck, I thought! This should be great, it wasn
It was too late to stop her anyhow. She had lodged it

She continued to bury her tounge deeply down my throat as a squeal now began to pierce my lips. She stopped pushing for a second with her new toy already committed in my ass. A sheer nylon encased finger came to my lips as she shussed me again, then lightly stroked my face and neck. She looked me in the eye and said,

By then she held my ankles firmly in her hands and her sheer black pantyhosed body was so deeply between my spread wide sheer black pantyhosed legs I couldn

The sound and feelings of the nylon wooshing against our bodies was incredible as she carefully pushed the entire length of her strapon into my ass. Opening slowly and closing slightly around the knobs of her strapon my asshole began to quiver. The knobs were now vibrating deep in my ass. A pulsating throb and simultanious rubbing of my prostrate sent delightful electric pulses to every inch of my sheer black pantyhose encased body. I winced and let out a great sigh and groan when she stopped for a moment thinking she had hurt me. I groaned deeper and grabbed her around her silky sheer black pantyhose encased waist and pulled her deeply between my thighs. The last few knobs popped into my hot wet pulsating ass and I began to spasm. She had that thing to the root with my legs spread wide, knees bent sharply and feet high up in the air around her neck. She was holding my ankles while her strapon was buried in my ass to the hilt. Her sheer nylon covered body was caressing every inch of the insides of my legs. While she pushed deeply I held my legs wide with my sheer black nylon covered arms. Three layers of nylon wrapped tightly around my thighs holding my own legs back while getting my ass reamed was the craziest thing my mind had wandered off to this year. Myself, a pantyhose freak? Yes! But NOT even near being gay, the thought of another man just wouldn

I whimpered and groaned and she cooed softly to me.

With her stuffed all the way inside my ass I had counted 7 knobs of her new toy enter me and most stroke the backside of my cock deep under my prostrate. She withdrew slowly the first time, as she knew this was her virgin asspussy to enjoy the taking of. Each and every one of those knobs of her strapon made my prostrate throb and spurt forth more precum. Without fully withdrawing she pushed back into me to the hilt and I went insane. Slowly she did this many times allowing my ass time to adjust for what would soon cum. She was now carefully and slowly pumping my ass and seemed to be enjoying it immensly as she was moaning very loud. When she pulled back from my squirming body, she would bend down to lick and swallow my cock from the tip to the base. Using her mouth on my cock she maintained her balance as she slowly rose off my cock when her strapon popped it

She swallowed my cock to the base and licked the underside of my cock furiously when she was pulling out of my ass. Each time she went back deeply into me she would rise up slowly and lick my nipples and bury her tounge in my mouth.

She continued to just kiss me passionatily while she picked up steam. She was now pounding me hard. My asshole was spasming around her strapon. Huge pulsations from the caressing of my prostrate was driving me crazy and I began to whimper being fucked for the first time. I was in another world, a blissful silky sheer pantyhose world.

A few times I had secretly experimented with small dildos I had bought for myself and played with while fantisizing alone. Nothing compared to the feeling of her vibrating, now warming, knobby strapon that was thrusting in and out of my gasming asshole. She was enjoying fucking me so much that her pace had picked up and now I was fucking back at her trying to keep that now hot strapon buried in my ass. My legs were spread wide and my ankles were in her hands. The feeling of the nylon covering my ankles and her hands was incredible. She would use her sheer nylon covered fingers to tickle the bottoms of my feet constantly. I thrusted back at her while she pounded deeply into my tight ass. My prostrate was about to give way to throbbing wad after wad. Her sensual sweet tenderness had driven me out of my mind with lust and soon I was screaming

I could feel her sweet sexy sheer black pantyhose encased thighs rubbing my silken spread inner thighs. She was enjoying watching her cock pumping in and out of my ass while I whimpered, quivered and shook. My body tensed, convulsed hard and I screamed out before momentarily passing out from a massive throbbing prostrate orgasm she just fucked out of me. Her hands were still stroking up and down my legs, tickling the insides of my knees down over my ankles and feet. Sensuously, I again exploded with her playing with the insides of my sheer nylon encased thighs while I shook and spirted my cum everywhere.

No sooner had she started on my inner thighs she heard me groaning heavily again. My cock was still rock hard and squirting cum from the wonderful sensations her cock was having on my prostate. I was on the edge of achieving another massive internal orgasm and had begun to groan heavily from the massive deep prostrate orgasms she was working out of me. When she said she was cumming. She was screaming

A gush of hot lubricunt filled my ass. She had no doubt tricked me even more with that one. She had been wearing not just some ordinary strapon. This one was warm and heated, almost hot. It also had been vibrating and pulsating the whole time it was in my ass and sent tingles up and down my sheer black pantyhose encased body. But it somehow also allowed her to pump her cum into my ass when she came too. I knew I felt it.

This erotic sensual bliss was blowing my mind. I know I felt her cum dumping deeply into my ass, hot globs of her lubricunt had just filled my ass, I knew it. When she told me she had squirted her cum deeply into my asspussy I figured out that it was a spurting strapon. My prostrate got hit with about ten more fierce pounding throbs and my cock began bouncing and squirting everywhere. Blast after blast landed all over. All over the wall behind my head were huge globs of my cum. She was not done with my ass reaming. She worked out two more thumps from my prostrate from deep inside and two more blasts went into the air as we both screamed from a wonderful perfectly timed mutual bodygasm.

I was covered in goosebumps from head to toe as I felt the last wads of her woman goo gush deep in my ass. Our cum was now dripping down the inside of my sheer black pantyhose encased thighs and out of my ass. She kissed me deeply. Tingles went all across my body, as she caressed my face and neck until my body stopped shaking. We cleaned up again before resting for a few hours.

Before dawn she teased my cock hard again and dropped her hot dripping snatch down onto me. I pretended to be asleep for a few moments just for fun. The sheer black pantyhose covering her body felt amazing. My hands went to her waist and caressed her so tenderly. I could feel our nylon legs rubbing against each other. She started to pump her pussy hard and fast on my cock, grinding it against my straining throbbing raging hardon. I just loved the sensations, so hot, still oh so hard and wet from her cum. I would

She kept quickly moving up down, squeezing my straining cock with her muscles. The sensations were almost too much and we were both wildly thrashing in pleasure as our hands were rubbing all over each others sheer black nylon covered bodies. The tingles on our skin were like tickles no one could normaly tolerate, but neither of us could stop the blissfull delightful tease. Electric pulses shot through our entire bodies. She ripped off the stocking covering her face and leaned over to kiss me as she increased her pace, bouncing up an down on my rock hard cock. It didn

Her sweet sexy nylon covered body spasmed and collapsed onto mine. I grabbed her sweet sheer black pantyhose covered ass and felt my cock and prostrate both pound before I screamed as I shot my load of cum deep inside of her. Our entire bodies tingling in another massive well timed multiple orgasm.

After what seemed like I came for an hour I was literaly done for. She lay down on top of me and rested her nylon covered body on mine. She looked at me lovingly and rubbed her pantyhosed body up and down mine until we both drifted off for a short blissful nap. Before I drifted away I heard her whisper... "You know, I look forward to you being my sheer black pantyhose slave."...

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