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Title: Pantyhose Freak Nailed - Part 2

She pushed me back and lovingly licked and tickled my sheer black nylon legs and feet. She then slowly slid a pair of shiny black 6
Grabbing my nylon covered forearms she spun me around and slapped my ass a few more times before wrapping my arms around my front, her arms covering mine, grabbing my cock and escorting me back to the bed. Her sheer nylon covered body was rubbing mine from the back as we walked. The sound was driving me crazy. She was helping me walk in those sexy high heels thank god. She spun me around again and gave the front and sides of my body a caress through the sexy sheer nylon.

Our mouths instantly locked together and we tore holes in the silky fabric seperating our hot mouths. Now we were fully engulfed at one another. Hands exploring all the right places while our tounges intertwined and our hands continued the sweet sensual gliding in little circles and rubbing of one another from head to toe. We took turns quivering and catching the other as we would lose our balance from our explorational touch. Her fingernails felt like electrical sparks through the smooth sexy sheer black pantyhose covering our entire bodies.

Again, I was lowered onto the bed so she could continue to feminize me. Onto my back while she slowly stroked every inch of my sheer black nylon encased body. My cock was throbbing and bobbing into the air. My precum was flowing heavily. She looked at my rock stiff penis straining through the sheer fabric. "Oh my!" she said. "Let me take care of that. You look so sweet and sexy in nylons & heels. I can
Then she gripped my very hard cock through her sexy sheer black pantyhose covered hands.

She tore the nylon covering the index finger of her right hand and well lubricated it before slowly rubbing the area below my balls and above my ass. My body was tingling all over as she continued to swallow my rock hard tool. One nylon covered hand was fondling my sheer black pantyhose covered ass and the other was now slowly rimming my asshole. I opened as she slowly inserted her finger. When deeply inside I felt her flick the back of my prostrate. The flicking of my prostrate would quickly pick up and then would stop when I was on the edge of blasting my cum. She did this to me for about five minutes before nothing could stop five hard quick throbs that came from deep within. My body tightened, thrust upward and convulsed heavily. I blew deeply down her throat. Dropping back onto my back she never stopped the sucking of my cock or the caressing and reaming of my ass. Her moans of delight matched mine.

No one has EVER made me feel THIS good. Her mouth was so hot and felt wonderful! I have never felt this good. She continued to slowly feel my sheer black pantyhose encased legs through the fine black nylon. I shifted my legs so one of my sheer black nylon encased legs could rub her nyloned inner thighs up to her drenching wet pussy. Her finger was now going quickly in and out of my ass. I could feel the muscles of my ass quickening and quivering again. She moaned around my cock and the vibrations sent me up another level. I tensed my body upward and my cock throbbed and spewed forth another load deep in her throat.
She was laughing outloud now and decided to flip me over on my hands and knees and spank my ass cheeks. Spreading my legs and ass wide she lubed up one hand and my cock, while she continued to spank my ass with the other, til I had another raging hardon. The stinging of the spanking stopped for a second. But was quickly replaced with her finger deep behind my prostrate again. She quickly went right for the deep back underside of my cock, right on my prostrate and went at it like warp speed with her finger tip. My head went back, I screamed out six loud groans, and shuddered when I came hard again. She let me go and flipped me over on my back. We cleaned up quickly after that. Had a smoke, a quick drink and went right back to bed.

Diving right back at each other her silky blonde hair was soon caressing the top of my sheer black covered crotch and stomach. She had gone down and was licking my smooth shaved ballsack and was rubbing her hair around my chest and stomach. The tension of the pantyhose above my cock made it stiffen even further. Bigger than when jerking myself off in sexy sheer black pantyhose. This time it was growing for her, and being attended to masterfuly by her. She had again manipulated my cock to become the biggest monster rod I

Through a hole in her corset and sheer black pantyhose, one finger parted one side, then another finger parted the other of her sweet wet pussy lips. Two fingers now held her pussy open wide while a third from her other hand went at her starving clit. I was told to stroke myself with my sheer black nylon covered hands just like I was when she caught me. I spread my silky legs far up and apart just like hers were, and went at myself. Stroking my throbbing cock with the nylon covering them felt wonderful. I pushed down on the top of my cock at the base with my other silky sheer hand and caressed my balls with my sheer nylon covered fingers. This made me swell to almost 9

Her legs stayed up wide and far apart. My eyes were glued to her soaking wet pussy. She beconed for me.

I threw her on the bed, and swiftly slid between her sheer black pantyhose encased legs. My cock disappeared through her crotchless corset. She was so wet I was deep inside her in one long thrust. I drove my cock into her til she moaned with delight. I pulled back at the last second and might have hit her with 6
Our sheer black pantyhose encased bodies entwined when she threw her silky legs around me. She pulled me so tightly and closely that the rest of my dick was sucked to the bottom of her sopping wet cunt with a thump. The furniture in the room shook and I looked up and saw the TV. I became aware I was watching myself fucking her live. This was great!

We were both covered in head to toe sheer black pantyhose and my cock was rapidly disappearing in and out of her hot snatch and approaching the point of bliss again. Sweet sensual bliss, my mind drifted away from the TV as our sheer covered limbs entwined. Swishing and swooshing quickly all over one another. Driving us both out of our minds in sensual delight. I fucked her for all I was worth. She wouldn

Then I was in trouble when her pussy clamped down tight on my cock our bodies shuddered and I heaved forth blast after blast of my cum deeply into her pulsating hole. I then with no warning pulled my throbbing monster from her dripping cunt. She squealed for me to put it back. Before she could hardly speak, let alone finish, my face had gone between her pantyhose encased legs and was devowering her sweet pussy. Her head went back and her eyes rolled into her head. My sheer nylon covered arms wrapped around her nylon covered thighs and I caressed and stroked the insides of her thighs and crotch with my hands and fingers. She had also shaven her pussy and body smooth for me. Her pussy was so sweet and tasted like rose petals. Her folds were well open from the pounding she had just received and were hot and swollen. I licked them in sympathy for I was going to pound them all weekend before she would be allowed to leave this time. A whole weekend with her alone. I had dreamed of this for years. Crazy times of the past went through my head and the insane breaking of a bed again was exactly what I longed for.

She threw her head back and forth as I stroked the inside of her silken thighs. I removed her sexy shoes. Her legs were wrapped around my neck and her sheer nylon covered feet were rubbing my back as I devowerd her box. My hands caressed the insides of her thighs. I was tickling the bottoms of her sheer black silken feet when I knew I found the spot. She came hard in a long tense body quiver. My face was soon covered in her cum. She squealed for more in delight. I was from time to time drawing one of her nylon covered feet up to rub against my raging cock. She instinctivly brought her other sheer black nylon encased foot to my balls. Soon both her sheer nyloned feet were making them boil. I was far from done enjoying her sweet snatch and my rod was throbbing and bobbing up and down in anticipation of drilling her hot cunt again.

But before I could roll her off me and drill her again she took control and tore off my corset and pulled off my 6

Now her hot mouth wrapped around and sucked at my glistening cock. Her sheer black nylon covered hands and arms wrapped around my thighs. Her hands were caressing the insides of my thighs, just as I had done to her moments earlier. I groaned from deep within.

Her hair had been teasing not only my feet and ankles but also my chest, belly and the area over my cock in the most intense tickle you could imagine. Again my balls were about to empty into her throat. She sensed this and continued caressing ths tops of my silky sheer black pantyhose covered feet. Squeezing my toes and tickling the bottoms of my feet. Wave after wave of cum blasted out of my cock as she sucked for all she was worth.

Her hands were now rapidly rubbing up and down my sheer black pantyhose encased thighs to my ankles and would tickle the bottoms of my silken nylon covered feet. Swishing sensual bliss hit me again. My cock was throbbing and pulsating harder than ever before. My cum dripped from her mouth as she stopped to kiss me deeply. Her tounge went deep into my mouth and I could taste my own cum mixing with hers. She had shot an amazing amount of her juice in my face when I was licking her lovely pussy earlier. Our juices mixed through our sheer black nylon stocking masks. It drove me mad.

As she kissed me long and deeply she had strategicaly positioned herself well between my sheer-to-waist black pantyhose encased thighs. Her hot wet pussy was now rubbing my once again stiffening member. I was still squirting cum from my last orgasm as she rubbed our silken covered stomachs together. She stroked me up and down all my most sensitive places. My eyes had long since rolled back into my head and I was about to pass out from the sensual feelings she had created within my sheer black pantyhose encased body. I was somewhere else other than this world. Now I was in sheer sensual blissful heaven. She must have known this as she went ahead with her plan.

Suddenly, I felt something rubbing against my ass.

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