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Title: Pantyhose Freak Nailed - Part 1

Oh shit! I was so Busted! She had rounded the corner and caught me slowly double-hand stroking my stiff cock. I had no idea how long she had been standing there when she uttered
I couldn

My freaky little fetish as a sheer black pantyhose lover took over. I lifted one of her lovely nylon covered legs and set her spiked shiney black high heel on the bed next to me. I couldn

She then began to slowly and sensuously work me from head to toe. I had already been through a warm soapy shower and shave from cheek to toe hours before she arrived. Then had rubbed lotion all over my tingling naked hairless body before she had caught me with my cock in my hands.

Addressing me in the most commanding tone, I was instructed exactly and immediatily to slowly put on a pair of sheer black pantyhose. The sexy silky sheer-to-waist Leggs Sheer Vitality jet black pantyhose laying all over and around me were my favorite. Quickly grabbing the newest pair, I agreed to her demands. I had a feeling I was in trouble but simply couldn

The silky fabric went over my calves and over my knees easily too. She then caressed the backside of my calves and I trembled, she continued to tease me with her hands. She grabbed my cock in her nylon covered hand and stood me up to attention. Sliding the pantyhose up and stroking my sheer black pantyhose encased thighs. I again both giggled and trembled this time, she continued to giggle how sexy I looked. Then slid the sexy nylon up further over my shaven balls and put my cock through the hole carefully made in the gusset. My cock got a touch of the silky fabric as she almost coaxed forth my first load. I began to shiver as her hands went around my silky hips and caressed my ass, then slapped my cheeks twice before firmly placing me back into the chair.

Her hands rubbed back around my hips and she cupped them around my cock and stroked the sexy black nylon around my crotch. She was rubbing my balls with one sheer nylon covered hand and lightly stroking the base of my cock with the other. The backs of both her silky hands were rubbing the innermost parts of my sheer black thighs. I was in heaven and couldn

I almost cried as my cock slipped from her sweet mouth now full of my cum. I was now being covered by the silky nylon she had just feminized me into. She pulled the pantyhose way up over my stomach just like I love them. Streching up over my chest the silky black sheer nylon made contact with my nipples. She leaned forward and lightly licked, nibbled and sucked them both before she continued pulling the sheer pantyhose up to my shoulders. Then attached the little black stretch stocking clasps from the back, over my shoulders and secured them to the front. They held the silky sheer-to-waist black pantyhose up like a bodystocking over my stomach and over my chest to my shoulders. All the while doing this she was stroking the sides of my chest, my back and playing around my nipples with her silky covered fingers. The area over my shaven crotch was being pulled tight to my pelvic bone and the sexy black sheer nylon was tickling my cock and making it stiffer than ever. A sheer black nylon cock ring held tightly over top. I loved it, and it made my cock want more.

Next she pulled a matching pair of sheer black pantyhose over my head. The cotton gusset open just barely enough to go over my head. Then pulling the sexy black sheer fabric over my arms, my shoulders and smoothing it down my smooth hairless arms and over my chest. I was covered from neck to finger to toe in my favorite thing, silky black sheer nylon. I tingled all over and couldn

The sensations she created with her touch made me let out a quiver from head to toe as she stroked me from my finger tips to my toes and back up and down again. Her touch made my cock throb and pulsate like never before.

When she again licked my nipples and ran her hands up and down my sides through the sheer black pantyhose I almost passed out and hit the floor. But caught me and led me to the bathroom and opened a bag. She held up her new present for me and insisted,

My cock buldged out harder and further than ever before, and my head swooned with pleasureful pressure. The blood in my body had raced north and south simultaniously as she further feminized me and slowly tied the corset off. It gave me a beautiful sexy hourglass shape, with my shaven body lovingly displayed in silky sweet sheer black pantyhose. I was dumbfounded with lust. I couldn


Suddenly, I felt her stroking the backs of my sheer nylon covered knees. It tickled so, I reactivly lifted my leg. She knew that would happen and I found one of my sheer hosed feet in her hands. A lovely black sheer stocking was now being slowly and sweetly creep over my wiggling toes. I cooed and she licked just the tip of my now double nylon encased toes. I wiggled and she giggled as the sexy sheer stocking went over my ankles, up my legs and tightly over my thighs. The wide black lace tops held firmly against my tingling thighs. She fell back for an instant and covered her lovely sheer black legs in a matching set of beautiful black sheer stockings.

The tops popped tight right next to her sweet pussy. Our hands teasing, pleasing, pinching through the sexy fabric.

Every touch and movement of our bodies was echoed by the swish of the double layered heaven our legs were now encased with in sexy sheer black nylon. Two layers of silky nylon rubbing together was tens times more intense. Even the slightest move caused amazing feelings on our legs. Our hands were again upon another and she threw me back on the bed. She again planted herself between my sheer nylon covered thighs and positioned for her move. My ankles and feet in the air. The blood raced to my head and the room spun as she slowly licked my legs from my toes. Inch by inch. Following and leading every kiss with her fingers. I wanted to, and should have been between her legs like this, but it was her control for the moment. I couldn

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