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Title: Highschool Dream

I sat in the back of the class room, today in english we were working in partners.. and my attention could not help but be drawn to Jenny. She had the most gorgeous face, and deep blue eyes. She had always been beautiful to me, but today was different. As i saw she was wearing sheer to waist tan pantyhose, or at least i assumed they were pantyhose, and what more, she was wearing black strappy high heels so i could see her gorgeous feet, i felt the familiar tightening of my material around my crotch as i imagined those feet massaging my ever growing cock.
I looked on to the english teacher in hopes that he would assign us together, he named all of the partners, one bye one... both of us remained... to me at least this seemed like torture, he named everyone in the class, and it was only me and her left and i felt a smile cross my face as i looked her over again... the english teacher then announced us as partners and i watched her get up as she was to make her way over to where i sat... as she got up i managed to catch a glimpse of her pantyhosed crotch up her skirt when she spread her legs to get up. But the odd thing though to me was she seemed to pause, and i got a few moments that i knew i would certainly replay at home while masturbating, maybe with my own pantyhose on.

She slowly crossed the room over to me, and my eyes could not be taken of her legs... and then they wandered downward and were once again fixated on those gorgeous feet... covered in nylon.. i felt as though i were about to burst... I thought for a second perphaps i could slide my hand in my pocket and masturbate while staring at those feet...but then i discarded the idea..for i did not want her to see me... She pulled a desk over and sat across from me but just a few feet she smiled and crossed her legs..but as she did this her high heeled foot mananged to brush my hard cock... and i felt my cheeks redden.. surely she knew now the state of my member.

She said nothing but instead smiled at me and said "Hello"... I managed to spit out a nervous hello as well...I began to pull out my english book so i could begin to work with this gorgeous pantyhosed goddess on the assignment... but as i reached over for the bookinstead i felt a foot graze once again along my stiff cock... I snapped to attention and saw the wide smile spread across her face.. she whispered to me "So you like my pantyhose do you?"... i nodded nervously and said yes..i could not believe this gorgeous girl was doing this...

She took her foot of my hard cock and unstrapped both of her high heels and placed both feet in my lap... she pressed them hard against my dick and i had to try hard to supress a moan of pleasure... she continued this erotic torture... i reached under the desk and ran my hands up and down her smooth nylon covered legs... she wiggled her toes in response and masturbated my cock through my pants.... i pressed her feet hard to me... feeling such pleasure.. those perfect little feet rubbing against my prick... i suddenly began to feel the muscles tighten in my penis and could not hold back any longer as i felt the semen travel out and into my pants.... she took her feet out of my lap and giggled... "Would you like more?"...i only nodded....

We finished our report and walked out of the school when the bell rang... she followed me to my house and proceded to order me to show her my bedrooom... i thanked god my parents weren"t home... i showed her and she grinned broadly.... she set her book bag down and pushed me down onto the bed and placed her high heeled foot directly on my once again hard penis... she pressed down hard... but not enough to hurt... i moaned in pleasure as she reached into her bag procducing a black pair of panty hose...

She took off the pair she was currently wearing and handed them to me and simply instructed.."put them on" i followed her orders and quickly got i slid my underwear down my prick sprang forward and she could not help her self as she leaned forward and took it into her mouth... slowly teasing it with her tongue.. working up from the base... i felt as though i was going to cum and she stopped sensing this... she put on her new pair of black pantyhose and turned to me with scissors... i now had the tan pantyhose pulled up around my body and my dick strained against the material... she turned and carefully cut out a hole so it could fit through... she guided it through the hole and ripped out the cotton crotch of her now moistened black pantyhose.

From the juices flowing from her cunt... i could smell her as she straddled me.. pinning my shoulders down and remained suspended over my dick...she took out a condom from her bag and slipped it on my 7 inches...then she slowly lowered herself onto me... i could feel her vaginal walls clamp down on my dick as she lowerd... i struggled free and fondled her pantyhosed ass... and pulled it down along with her harder on my dick... she started to thrust on my dick.. rythmically... slowly.. and then quickened the pace... faster faster.... i couldn"t take it anymore and rolled around until i was on top....her tits now free from her bra wiggled as we tossed... i licked them until they hardened.. i grinned at her... and then began to thrust her... trying to touch the back of her vagina... faster and faster... she arched her neck and let out a moan of pleasure..." OH GOD YES! I"M CUMMING! DO ME! FASTER! HARDER! OH GOD!" i began to feel my balls tighten...i was about to let loose...i felt her smooth nylon legs wrap around me tightly until i could not breathe.... she slid her feet down my legs and that was all i could stand... we both orgasmed at the same time... my balls tightening and my dick muscles contracting... sending wave after wave throughout myentire body... i could feel her vagina clamp down on my dick as i unloaded into the condom.. so hard it almost hurt... but hard enough to make my orgasm more intense... i screamed her name in ecstasy and then felt the last drop leave me... but her convulsions of orgasm continued for several more minutes as i lay there collapsed.... her vagina continuing to clamp on my dick... i could feel the muscles surronding me... her hips jerked and she arched her back as the final wave passed over her... and then she collapsed exauhsted... i lay there still inside of her... and looked into her beautiful eyes and said "I love you"...she smiled back and replied " i love you too"

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