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Title: Pantyhose Pleasure

I sat at my computer around mid day wearing my own white pantyhose and masturbating while watching movies of girls getting fucked in pantyhose... My penis was tingling and i felt myself cumming fast.... I arched my neck back and moaned in pleasure as loud as i could...and thats when i heard the back door get knocked on....
The back door to my house was only three feet away from my computer and i hoped to god that whoever was there hadn"t heard me..."Hold on" i said nervously...i quickly found a pair of pants and put them on over my pantyhose..there was no time to take them off....i signed offline and opened the shades to my back glass sliding door... The sight infront of me made my eyes pop out of my head... My girlfriend Tara was standing there wearing black pantyhose with strappy high heels and a short black skirt....she was wearing a black blouse as well.....i couldn"t take my eyes off her little feet and i felt my dick straining against the pantyhose inside my pants...i hoped to god she couldn"t see it....I slid open the door and let her in... "What are you doing here tara?" i asked...." Oh nothing i just wanted to stop by my love" she said as she gave me a little kiss on the cheek...She walked over toward the couch and sat down crossing her pantyhosed legs....I felt my dick strain even more...fuck if only i had had my orgasm before she came in...I sat down next to her and we began to just chat for a couple of minutes until she groaned in pain and started to rub her feet... "Damn heels...ow! my foot....Its so sore..." she looked over to me.."Hey hunny would you mind massaging my feet?" I looked at her with shock which quickly turned to a grin and told her of course i"d massage her feet...

They were so perfect... i just wanted those feet on my lap massaging my dick.....yeah a foot job could be nice right about now but too bad i was too nervous to ask anything from her...she place her feet on my lap and i had to supress a moan of pleasure...i unstrapped her high heels and set them down...i began to caress her feet gently and she wiggled her toes..."MMMMMMm that feels good" the nylon made her feet look so much more better too.... god i needed to cum on those i continued to massage her feet she began to dig them harder into my lap and into my hard cock trapped behind eyes widened in shock as i soon realized what was going to happen... she was going to make me cum in my pantyhsoe without even realizing..... i started to feel the pressure in my dick grow and i arched my neck and groaned as i felt my orgams wash over me.... she looked at me strangely "SKyler whats wrong?" she asked.... i quickly pulled myself together and told her nothing... "skyler come on it sounded like you orgasmed...." i blushed and told her no...

She looked at me unsatisfied and pulled her feet away from my lap and made her way toward my crotch... "then prove it to me i wanna see your dick...!" before i could struggle she had me pinned down and had already taken of my pants....and my pantyhose were in clear view " OH my god...Skyler...pantyhose? you have a pantyhose fetish! i knew it!" she exclaimed with excite ment....." "what?"!!!" i exclaimed... "i always figured you liked my pantyhose skyler...i see the way you look at my feet in want to cum all over my foot don"t you?" i nodded hungrily and she pushed me to the ground....She took my hard cock between both of her nyloned feet and started to rub it... faster .... and harder making me groan in pleasure and pain at the same time....ahhh yes the well needed foot job i was longing after... i felt myself cumming and she took her feet off my penis... "skyler jack off on my foot! now!" i did not argue and got to my knees and started to jack off in my pantyhose... looking at her pantyhosed legs........ i continued to rub my penis and i felt myself cumming....i groaned as i spurt semen all over her foot... and she grinned wickedly as she rubbed it all over her nylon covered toes... "SKyler lick my pantyhose toes up !" i followed orders and sucked my own semen from her toes.... through the nylon i was in heaven....i knew this was going to be a long night.

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