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Title: He Gets In My Hose

I love pantyhose. I love wearing pantyhose and I love having sex in pantyhose. A boyfriend introduced me to joys of pantyhose about 2 years ago when he presented me with the best pantyhose there are: Wolford.
Putting them on and wearing them is orgasmic. No other pantyhose in the world feel like Wolford.

I d always worn pantyhose before getting my Wolfords but it was because I had to. I work in an office where women are required to dress in business attire; and that meant pantyhose too.

But getting my first pair of Wolfords changed all that...I started looking at Wolfords and all pantyhose as a new way to achieve sexual satisfaction. Wearing pantyhose excites me just like rubbing my clit or having sex does.

I look forward to each morning when I can put on a fresh pair of silky, sheer pantyhose.

I love pulling them slowly up my smooth shaved legs my pussy tingling with excitement.

I love adjusting them so that they fit snugly against my smooth shaved pussy.

I love pulling them up around my waist so they hug my ass tightly...I love feeling my ass when it s covered by glistening, diaphanous nylon.

I love putting my hand between my legs and feeling my pussy through the silky material.

Sometimes after I ve put on a new style and color I ll put on a pair of my sexiest high heeled pumps or strappy sandals and stand in front of my full length mirror and admire how beautiful my legs look encased in the sheer, shimmering nylon.

I love the way my pussy looks when it s covered by shiny suntan colored nylon or a nearly nude style...

I ll turn around and admire my sculpted calves ... made even more so as I stand atop 4 and half inch heels.

I love driving to work with my skirt hiked high and reaching down and massaging my pussy slowly through the nylon as I drive.

I love stopping at the tollbooth and then reaching over to my purse on the passenger seat and taking my time to look for change as the toll collector gets and eyeful of my naked nylon clad cunt.

I love wearing short skirts at the office and teasing the men with generous glimpses of my stocking clad legs.

Someone once told me that the men in the office guess amongst each other what style and color of hose and what kind of high heels I ll wear on any given day.

And I never wear panties with pantyhose any more.

I wore panties at first under my pantyhose but I soon realized that wearing panties with pantyhose is like having sex with a guy who has a dishtowel wrapped around his cock.

Part of the fun...part of the sexual excitement of wearing pantyhose is the fact that the tight, silky nylon is constantly rubbing against my pussy.

Sometimes at work when I m alone in my office I ll pull my skirt up and play with my nylon covered pussy. Many times I ll hold a hand mirror in front of my nylonned cunt with the other hand and watch as I probe my wet cunt through the sheer crotch of my hose.

And as I said in an earlier story I can also get off by just crossing my legs and squeezing them tightly while wearing very tight pantyhose....the nylon rubbing against my clit causes me to have intense orgasms.

I m wearing pantyhose now (Wolford Fatal) as I write this and I m getting wet just thinking about how good the glossy nylon feels against my pussy. Every so often I stop typing and reach down and massage my clit through the sheer and filmy seamless nylon.

For the first few months after getting my Wolfords I wore them everywhere...along with the other brands of pantyhose that I discovered. Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Givenchy to name a few. I became addicted to wearing very sexy styles of pantyhose.

And whenever I was not at the office I deliberately chose outfits that showed off my legs sheathed in silkiest, sheerest and sexiest pantyhose I could find.

I loved going out and wearing outfits that were daring...outfits that no other woman would dare to wear. I loved showing off my legs in silky shiny nylon.

Most of the time that meant wearing skirts so short that might get me arrested in some small towns. And sexy tit baring tops...the tighter, the better. I liked my tops like I liked my stockings...sheer and sexy.

I wore short little school girl plaid skirts.

I wore very short leather skirts.

I wore tight lycra skirts.

I even wore latex skirts. Latex is wonderful because after you ve worn it for a while you begin to perspire...I love how my pantyhosed pussy and ass gets soaked with sweat when I wear a rubber skirt. Those of you who have worn rubber clothing know what I m talking about.

But most of all the skirts had to be short...most of them were no longer than 12 inches and barely hid my pussy. They were also short enough to expose a bit of my nylonned ass cheeks always peeked out from under the skirt.

And I always wore pantyhose under these skirts...mostly the very sheer and shiny styles...with no panties. Sometimes, when I was feeling extra daring, I even wore my specially modified pantyhose...the ones that I ve cut out the crotch panel from. I usually wore those at night.


Here s what happened one day when I went out late in the afternoon to run some errands while wearing a short skirt and shiny, suntan pantyhose.

I was wearing my Wolford Satin Touch sheer to the waist suntan pantyhose. With no panties of course. I had completely shaven my pussy the night before.

I also wore a black 12-inch ballet skirt. It s a very short flimsy skirt that ballet dancers wear with their leotards and tights. It just wraps around your waist and is secured with a tie. I love wearing this because it s barely long enough to cover my pantyhosed pussy.... And from the back it exposes just a bit of my nylon-clad cheeks. This is what it looks like

I wore my favorite strappy black sandals with 5-inch stiletto heels.

I topped all that off with a tight white nearly sheer cotton and lycra crop top that hugged my titties. The top was very short stopped just below my tits. Depending on what light I was standing in my nipples could me seen beneath the nearly sheer material.

I was ready to head out.

I started by driving to the post office. The clerks there all know me and one of them is always very nice. But there s something about postal clerks. They never seem to make any off-color comments or even acknowledge that I m dressed the way I am. But I enjoy the stares of the other customers.

Then it was off to the gas station. I started off by filling my tank. After that I got the squeegee and cleaned my windows making sure that I bent over the hood and the trunk with my legs spread as the skirt rode up my any guy who around a generous glimpse of my ass and pussy through the sheer suntan nylon as I reached to clean my windows .. I made sure that I stood tippy-toe atop my stiletto-heeled sandals to make my legs look extra sexy. Some times a guy will even come up and ask me if I need help. They always seem to have a hard time looking me in the eye. Once I thought a guy was going to start jerking off right there at the gas pump as he stared at me in one of my outfits!

After leaving the gas station I headed towards a small shopping center near my home. As I rounded the corner I noticed a motorcycle cop sitting on his motorcycle with his helmet off right near the intersection. He appeared to be watching traffic. I drove around the corner slowly and as I did I noticed that this cop had the looks of a surfer. He couldn t have been more than 22 or 23. He was blond and looked like he was at least 6 feet tall and his muscled upper torso fit very nicely in his tapered white uniform shirt. His face and arms were beautifully tanned. His biceps were spectacular. He looked like a body builder.

I was intrigued. Even though I dress very sexy... I rarely ever approach men. I don t have to! I let them come to me.

But I knew if I ever wanted to meet this guy I was going to have to make the first move.

So I wheeled into the parking lot and headed straight for his bike. I pulled up slowly beside him and took off my sunglasses and smiled at him.

I started off by asking where the library was.

He got off his bike and approached me and as he did he leaned in the window.

I had pulled my ballet skirt as high as it would go and my legs were spread. My right leg was off the gas and perched it atop the little hump where the floor shift was.

My moist pussy was completely exposed....covered only by sheer nylon. He started giving me directions as he occasionally glimpsed at my crotch, looking as though he sees something like me everyday of the week. I looked straight into his blue eyes. He was even more gorgeous up close.

He gave me directions to the library but I wasn t even listening. Then he finished. And then he said: That s a cute outfit you have on. How come I ve never seen you around here before?

I don t know, I replied, I m at this shopping center at least twice a week.

Then he said: I noticed that when you turned the corner that your license plate was missing a screw.

You mean I have a screw loose, I said jokingly.

No really...come see for yourself, as he back away from the door.

I swung the door open and as I did I put my left leg on the pavement making sure that I took my time before I swung my right leg him plenty of time to catch a glimpse of my silky smooth legs and pussy.

We walked towards the back of the car and sure enough one of the screws had come off and the plate was dangling by one screw.

I bent over to inspect it more legs parted...I stood straddle-legged...surely he had a full view of my ass and I did I could feel the skirt raise up expose my nylon covered ass even more...and just then a slight breeze swept through the parking lot blowing my flimsy skirt completely glistening, pantyhosed ass now in full view.

He moved towards me and laughed as he did. Whoa there...we don t want everyone to see that beautiful ass of yours, do we? With that he gently tugged my skirt back down and as he did he allowed his hand to travel down the outside my right stocking clad thigh. His hand then moved towards my left inner thigh and he moved it slowly up towards my crotch...his fingers now were resting firmly on my pussy...he slowly moved them back and forth across my now slightly wet nylon-covered cunt.

Then perhaps realizing that we were in public, he quickly jerked his hand back.

That s OK, I said, you didn t have to stop. What s your name by the way?

Brad, he answered. What s yours?

Aysia, I responded.

That s a lovely name. And I must say everything about you is lovely.

Look Brad, why don t you come by my place after work? Would you like that?

I d love to Aysia.

Is there anything you d like me to wear for you Brad?

Just those very sexy pantyhose you have on Aysia.

I ll be wearing these then....just for you. Anything else Brad?

No...just wear those pantyhose.

I walked back towards my car and got in and wrote down my address on the back of a business card. He took it and the as he turned and walked away he turned back and asked, Any chance I ll be able to get into your pantyhose tonight?

Come here for a second Brad, I ordered. He walked back and stuck his head in the car...his face inches from mine. As he did I reached over and pulled his head closer to mine and with my mouth touching his ear I whispered at the same time blowing hot breath into his ear as I spoke: will definitely get into my pantyhose tonight! That s a promise. And Brad...don t be late!

He smiled and as he did he reached in the car and slid his hand down and caressed my warm wet pussy through the damp nylon and then turned and walked back towards his bike.


I raced home and got everything ready for my cop.

Candles, drinks, fresh linens on the bed.

I showered and put the same pantyhose back on I d worn earlier....
I wanted to give Officer Brad a little treat...I wanted to introduce him to the joys of pantyhose sex...but not fresh pantyhose.

Pantyhose that I had worn all day and I had gotten wet after meeting him! The crotch of my hose was still slightly damp with my cunt juices and sweat! My pussy was dripping wet and I almost had an orgasm as I drove home thinking about this guy.

After putting on my pantyhose I put on my high-heeled sandals again.

I the sat down and applied a moisturizer all over my upper tits and tummy and arms...

I sat and looked at myself in the mirror...slowly massaging the cream over my full ripe tits...let those other women get their implants I thought...I m all natural and proud of it.

I then ran my hand down my legs ... caressing the shimmery, sheer nylon on my smooth legs as I went....back up towards my crotch...I poked my forefinger through the silky material and probed my wet pussy...and then moving up towards my nylon covered clit...massaging slowly in lazy circles with two fingers...the filminess of the nylon heightening the excitement........

The doorbell! he was here!

I stood up and propped my leg up on the leg first...smoothing the nylon...then the other leg...then grasping the waistband i pulled the panty firmly up so that the seam of my Satin Touch hose were now pulled snugly into my pussy lips and ass crack.

I raced towards the door and opened it...naked except for my sheer pantyhose and tits were heaving with excitement, and tiny beads of perspiration were already starting to form in the valley between my tits.....

He was standing there ... still wearing his uniform...his blond hair mussed...smiling slightly...almost bashfully.

He moved towards me after I closed the door....gently grabbing my head and kissing me softly....he backed up a bit and caressed my full tits...I threw my head back and moaned a bit...I had never been molested by a cop...but I liked it. He continued kissing me and as he did his hand once again found my nylon covered sex...he slowly worked his fingers through the nylon...plunging them deep into my damp hole...I moaned some more.

I then backed away from him and moved backwards towards a chair and rested my ass on the headrest at the same time spreading my silky nylonned legs and then reaching down towards my pantyhosed crotch...I started playing with my pussy through the sheer nylon as I stared into Brad s clear, blue eyes.....

And then I spoke: Brad....let s fuck! Let s fuck now sweetie! I continued probing my cunt through the silky, smooth pussy was now dripping with excitement!

With that he began removing his uniform his shirt first. His body was even more gorgeous than I had imagined. His upper torso was muscled and tan and hairless...

Then he removed his belt and came the boots.

And then he started to remove his pants and as he did I let out a tiny gasp! His cock was just as I had imagined...thick and least 7 or 8 inches...just the way I like em. But that s not why I gasped.

Brad the cop was wearing sheer black pantyhose! His hard cock pointed straight up beneath the silky, transparent fabric. His muscled legs were completely shaved and the glossy, sheer nylon hugged his magnificent tan legs tightly.

Brad; you re wearing pantyhose! They re gorgeous!

He blushed a little but said nothing.

And then he spoke: I lied today when I said I d never seen you before. Actually I see you all the time and every time I do you are always wearing those short skirts and those sexy pantyhose of yours. One day I got so horny after seeing you that I went out and bought some pantyhose and went home and put them on. And then I jerked off thinking about how sexy your legs look in nylon. I ve always wanted to approach you and tell you how sexy you look but I could never get up the nerve. Today I didn t have came to me.

Oh, Brad that s so sweet.

Without saying another word I moved towards him and as I did I pressed my nylonned thighs against his hard pantyhosed cock...I reached up and grabbed the back of his head with my right hand pulling him close to my lips...and we left hand then reached around and grabbed his ass...I squeezed and massaged his pantyhosed ass as we hips grinding against his even more....both of us getting our pantyhose wet...mine with my pussy juices and his with his pre-cum.

I then fell to my knees and started nibbling on his now rock-hard shaft through the gossamer black nylon...sucking the salty pre-cum from the nylon....gliding my tongue ever so lightly up and down the underside of his nylon-encased erection....he started to moan and then all of a sudden he picked me up in his strong arms and carried me towards the bedroom...kissing as we went.

Once on the bed...everything moved fast...we continued to kiss...I moved my hand towards his cock...massaging it and playing with it beneath the sheer nylon...his hands found my cunt and he once again poked his fingers through the now soaking wet nylon....and then we embraced...hips grinding furiously nylon against nylon....crotches hot and wet .... fucking in our sheer pantyhose....kissing .... I was starting to moan and as I did he took that as a signal to hump me even harder....our nylonned, sweaty thighs slapping together...this was pure bliss...

And then in one swift motion he stopped and made me get on all fours .... my ass high....he pulled my hose down over my ample cheeks and at then he pulled his down unleashing his massive cock...he entered my pussy from behind....we started fucking...his hard cock filled my wet cunt...his muscled thighs slapped against my sweat covered ass....and with one of his hands he pulled on my long hair pulling my head back... I looked back at him and as I did with other hand he started slapping my ass as we fucked. I loved being treated like this...and then he exclaimed: I m going to cum Aysia....I m going to cum! Where do you want my cum baby?

On my ass sweetie...cum on my ass!!!!

And with that he withdrew his cock and pulled my pantyhose back up over my ass and as he did he let forth streams of hot cum all over my pretty felt seemed like he was never going to stop cumming...and then he did...I was still on my knees as he rolled over and collapsed gasping for breath....with that I rested my head on the pillow and with both hands I reached back towards my ass and pulled my pantyhose back up over my cum-covered ass...smearing it all over my pantyhosed ass cheeks.

And then I spoke: Brad sweetie....get back up and clean that cum off my beautiful pantyhose. Clean that cum with your tongue Brad!

He looked at me and smiled and bounced back up and started to eagerly lick his cum from my pantyhose.

Afterwards we showered and put on fresh pantyhose and went to bed...drifting off to sleep....our nylonned legs intertwined my hand resting lightly on his nylon covered cock......

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