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Title: Working In The Department Store

I had a summer job when I was in high school working for a department store in the lingerie department. I learned about the baby dolls and other types of nighties. I was always getting my Dick hard handling all of the ladies underwear and pantyhose. My supervisor was much older than me. She was about 21. She wore short skirts and always had pantyhose on.
One day she stopped me in the stock room and grabbed my crotch. She said she noticed that my cock was hard in my pants. She started fondling me and I got even harder. She unzipped my pants and took my hard cock out. I thought she was going to jerk me off. Then she sat on a chair facing me, took off her shoes and raised her skirt so I could see her legs all the way up to her pussy covered by the pantyhose. Then she really surprised me she picked up her feet and rubbed my cock with her foot. She pressed my Dick against me using the bottom of her foot. Then she used both feet and squeezed my cock with her toes. She told me not to come because it would make a mess and people would smell the come. I told her my balls were starting to hurt. She kept squeezing my cop with her toes and I could look up her pantyhose to her pussy. I told her I had to come because my balls were hurting. She pressed the pantyhose covered foot against my cock. Then she said she would be nice to me. She took a condom and slipped it on my dick.Then she told me to jerk off while she played with herself. She touched her pussy and I could smell the juices.

I came in a few more seconds.

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