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Title: A Close Encounter

I was 21 when I first had sexual contact with another male pantyhose wearer. All my life, I had been straight but I knew that I was slightly bi. I had been wearing pantyhose since I was 15 but never told anyone. At school I looked at the girls pantyhosed legs and thought to myself ' why cant I wear a skirt and pantyhose'.
One night when I got home from school my mum,dad and sister were out and I couldnt take the pain of not wearing pantyhose for much more. I took off my trousers and went upstairs to my sisters bedroom. I went to her wardrobe and took out her school skirt (which came to just above knee level), I went to her chest of draws and looked through her pantyhose. I put the skirt and a pair of pantyhose on, I was in heaven.

Anyway, A few years later when I was 18, a new family moved into the house down our street. They had a son who was the same age as me, he was called James and when I when I first saw him, my bi side came to life. Little did I know, he was gay and had a nylon fettish.

One night when my parents were away and my sister was out at a bar with a friend, I saw James walking along the street. I invited him to come inside and he took the offer. We were sitting on the settee in the lounge and he crossed his legs, I saw he was wearing dark pantyhose and he realised that I was attracted to it. We went upstairs into my room, he sat me down on my bed and undid my trousers. He pulled my pantyhose down and saw penis, he started to suck on my penis and my cum spaltered into his mouth. I then did the same to him which brang a smile do his face.

Eventually he went home and we agreed to do the same next saturday when my parents and sister were out.

The next saturday he came round at 7:00pm in a pair of dark coloured pantyhose.I was wearing a pair of light brown coloured pantyhose and one of my sisters short skirts. We went upstairs and sat on my bed.

We sucked each others erect cocks for a while until we lay down on my bed. He roled over onto his front and I slid my 8" of meat into his tight pantyhosed arse, He was groaning in delight.

All was going well until we heard a door open downstairs. We lay still trying to keep are pleasure silent, Both of our pantyhosed thighs were covered in cum. I listened very quitely and heard my sister coming upstairs talking to someone. They went into her bedroom. We kept as silent as mouses and then found out the other person was female. We listened to them kissing and groaning until they burst into my room and found us......

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