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Title: Pantyhose Fetish - Part 2

"Stop it" Elliot said, "Keep them on while we soap each other, it feels great!" - Not wanting to upset my new pantyhose encased friend I entered the shower, my cock starting to swell. I reached for the shower gel as Elliot stepped in behind me. He took the shower gel bottle and squeezed a large dollop into his palm and started to rub it all over my back, working down to my buttocks. Handing me the bottle he turned his back to me and I reciprocated, lathering his smooth back, running my hands round his chest to stroke his nipples. They felt larger than mine and I enjoyed tweaking them gently as he moaned quietly. Turning round to face me he started to crouch rubbing the shower gel all over my smooth pantyhose encased legs and thighs.
'I have died and gone to heaven,' I thought as his hands did their magic on my legs.
"My turn" he said.

I dropped to my knees and rubbed the gel all over his thighs and legs, marvelling in the silky smooth texture of them and getting more and more turned on. His cock was even bigger than last night with the veins throbbing along its length. Gently cupping his balls I slid my gel coated hand over the head of his magnificent cock. Encircling his hardness with my soapy hand and with my other, stroking his pantyhose encased inner thighs, I started to wank him gently.

"Oh, wow, that feels so good!" he said. "You are such a hot fuck babe, you are gonna make me cum again!"

I started to rub faster. "Oh boy! Oh Yes! Hmmmmmm!" he moaned. Suddenly he grabbed the shower head and directed it to his staining penis, washing off the shower gel. I instinctively knew what was happening, and took his straining cock in my mouth and deep throated as much of him just as it started to pulse wave after wave of cum into my willing mouth. He came so much it started to dribble from the corner of my mouth even though I was swallowing as fast as I could. Rubbing his silky soapy thighs I waited for the last drops until he became too sensitive and motioned for me to stop. Having rubbed myself off so many times in the past while alone in the shower I knew the feelings that were going through him, and the fact that if I continued it would result in a "golden shower". Feeling as horny as I did I redoubled my efforts as he moaned his protestations. Suddenly I tasted the first warm squirt of pee, spitting it out (not having been as adventurous before) I moved back and let!
the warm stream wash all over my smooth chest.

"Shit girl, you are one kinky bastard!" Elliot said.

I was coming all over his ankles while he continued to empty his bladder on my chest and prick. I had never thought that pantyhose sex between guys could be so great.

We finished cleaning ourselves up, pealed off our soaking pantyhose and stepped back into the bathroom. I reached for a couple of my huge fluffy towels and handed one to him.

After drying ourselves and sharing about half a talc container between us we headed back to the bedroom. He threw me a packet. I looked at it, to see it was a pair of Nude 10 denier control top pantyhose. "Slip them on" he said, opening a pair for himself.

I carefully opened the new packet of being careful not to damage the contents and slipped my hand down the left leg gathering the smooth nylon ready to slide my smooth leg into the delicious fabric, next the right leg, I glanced up to see Elliot doing the same. It seemed weird to me, two guys putting on pantyhose, but I loved it too!

Elliot asked me " Is pantyhose your main fetish? Or do you have any others?"

"Dunno" I replied. "I have never had the need to take my current fetish any further"

"I understand, I was in the same position as you for years until I found the internet and other people who shared my kink. There are hundreds of thousands of guys who all love to slip into a pair of stockings or tights in every city in every country. Many take it further by dressing up in other women's clothes, usually in private and without their wife knowing. Most of these guys get the thrill they need just by this act alone. That is enough for them and never knock it when chatting to others on line. But there is more" he said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I like to take it further, I like to show off my pantyhose in public!"

"Your kidding!" I said.

"Nope, it is such a thrill showing other people my smooth nylon encased legs, there are a few odd looks from some of the girls who jog there, they seem to be so much more observant than the guys jogging, but so far nobody has said anything and no-one has had the guts to speak to me face to face about my clothing choice when out."

"Where do you go?" I asked.

"I go to the local park just down the road which has a jogging path, I have met a couple of guys who had shaved legs and enjoyed the feeling of running smooth but they did not mention any interest in pantyhose so I left them to their exercise. I wish that they had looked down to see my shaved and pantyhose encased legs but they were more concerned with fitness than fun."

"You were wearing pantyhose at the time!" I said.

"Of course" Elliot replied "I wear them 24/7 hun, I go out in the sheerest 7 denier nude sheer to waist pantyhose when jogging"

I swooned at the word "hun" Sheesh he called me hun. Me, a guy, recently denuded of all body hair with a prick getting harder by the second,wearing the tightest control top pantyhose, had been refered to in the feminine gender as I listened to Elliots adventures.

Elliot looked at my growing penis straining under the sheer fabric. "Oh my!" he said. "Let me take care of that." As he sunk to his knees and gripped my very hard penis through the control top pantyhose.. 'Oh fuck that feels good' I thought. He licked me through the control tops making me hornier than ever. Carefully he ripped the cotton gusset area of my pantyhose using his teeth and adjusted the hole over my straining member. God I was so HARD!!! The hole he had made was pushing down on the root of my cock and it was pointing straight out. Opening his mouth he engulfed me and started sucking slowly, gently, stroking my smooth nylon encased thighs up and down the most sensitive inner areas which sent me into orbit, slowly he cupped my smooth buttocks and drew me further into his warm and slippery mouth.

'No girl has EVER made me feel this good, his mouth was so hot and slippery! I had never felt this good' I thought, as he continued to feel my legs through the fine nylon. I shifted my legs so one of my nylon encased feet could rub his thigh up to his engorged prick which was straining under the control top pantyhose. He moaned and the vibrations on my prick sent me up another level.

'I am a slut guy wearing control top pantyhose being sucked by another guy wearing the same and I LOVE it!' I thought.

I moved my foot over the sheer nylon covering his prick and marvelled at the smooth sensation of my nylon encased foot slipping over his engorged nylon encased penis. He moaned again and I could feel the sensations building.

"Here it comes!" I said, feeling the sensations of his smooth hands running up and down my 10 denier encased thighs.

He redoubled the speed of sucking on my pole as I started to reach the magic point of no return.

"I am cumming hun!" I screamed, pumping load after load of my hot cum into his mouth.

"Thank you darling" he said when I had finished, licking the excess from his lips.

"Are you ready to go out now?" he asked offering me a pair of jogging shorts.

I nodded thinking that if this was the feelings that went through my body because of my pantyhose, anything might be as good.

I slipped on a T-shirt and the shorts over my smooth nude hose encased legs and looked over to Elliot. He had stripped off the nude hose and was slipping into a pair of nearly black 10 denier sheer to waist pantyhose.

"Hey!" he said "This time I WANT people to notice sweetie!"

To be continued ?????

"No way!" I responded, "that is way too obvious, your legs are showing off your pantyhose!"

"Fuck it!" he said. "It is time I showed the world that guys look good in hose and with you running with me in your nude hose it will help reinforce that."

"No way! I don't want to be noticed by anyone!" I replied

"Chicken! I am the one wearing the dark hose. What is the problem?" he replied.

Thinking carefully I realised that I was in an area where no-one knew me and thought "What the fuck"

"OK! you're on". I said "Let's go pantyhose running"

He grinned and grabbed his car keys. "Follow me, " he said.

"Oh, take this 'BUM Bag' and fasten it round your waist sweetie"

We left my flat with me very conscious of my leg attire but marvelling in Elliot's brazen strides showing off his 10 denier nearly black smooth legs under his jogging shorts.

Running down the stairs he took a sharp left onto a balcony reserved for residents "Hey!" he said. "Look in this window" "Why?" I replied. "Just look, hun" he said.

I stopped and peeked through the window, there was a large guy struggling to pull the waistband of a pair of glossy nude sheer to waist queen size pantyhose over his hips, he had obviously shaved his legs because they glistened on the smooth skin beneath his fine nylon. He may be a guy that is above normal weight but he looked so hot in his nylons.

Elliot snapped me out of my dreams.. "WAKE UP!" "I told you there are guys who wear nice stuff and I thought you would appreciate the peek, but please! Don't get turned on by him, look at my legs in their sheer 10 denier loveliness"

My thoughts were in the flat with the "nice guy" dressed in pantyhose. 'Shit, I gotta go running with Elliot dressed in shorts and pantyhose' I thought.

My penis was causing major discomfort and I was glad my shorts were so baggy and hid the bulge in my support pantyhose. I could not have been harder, here I was jogging in a park with smooth legs and wearing 10 denier nude pantyhose, following a guy in nearly black 10 denier hose and wondering where it will go...

"Hi!" came a shout over my shoulder. I stopped in my tracks. "Hi!" I mumbled.
"I see you like support on your legs like me." He said

"What do you mean?" I asked

"Shit man, you are wearing pantyhose like me aren't you?"

I mumbled a 'yes' wondering where Elliot had gone.

"Cool!! You are so sexy in your hose, do you want to feel mine?

"Maybe" I responded, "Do you like guys in hose?"

"Yes, I do, but so few wear them and even fewer shave their legs and look as hot as you do when jogging, I just love the feeling of pantyhose all over my legs and bum."

"I thought I was the weird one because of my pantyhose fetish" I replied

"Nonsense" he said, "Pantyhose were invented by guys and over time it has been the women who wear them by choice, it was not that way 100 years ago, it is about time we brought fashion for men's legs back to the present."

Looking at me, he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the bushes. As soon as we were hidden he grabbed my shorts and dragged them down to my smooth nylon encased ankles, and sucked my stiff pole into his mouth. Sheesh it felt good! His warm mouth on my tool and his hot hands running up and down my pantyhosed thighs. Suddenly, I heard the sound of the bushes being disturbed behind me, Elliot stood there.

"Ah ha!" he said. "I was wondering where you had gone"

"I see you have found my friend Peter"

Shit! Had I!! His mouth was doing wonders on my cock, deep throating me beautifully.

As Peter gathered pace, Elliot slipped off his jogging shorts and ripped a hole in his pantyhose letting his cock spring free.

"Bend over babe and let Pete do his magic while I fuck your pussy" The hole he hade made earlier was large enough for my "pussy" to be available without taking my pantyhose off and for Pete to keep sucking on my now even harder pussy pole.

Reaching under my t-shirt to the Bum Bag round my waist, he unzipped it and took out a condom and a small sachet of lube, rolling down the condom on his stiff prick he then opened the lube packet and rubbed it into my my ass through the hole in the gusset of my pantyhose he hade made earlier.
"I thought that we could have some fun, but I did not realise how much fun we could have now Pete is here" Elliot said. Pete just grunted and continued to suck on my hard-on poking out of my pantyhose.

Elliot made his move and started to slip his cock up my ass while Pete sucked on my cock.

I looked down to see Pete slurping on my cock but felt that I wanted more. I reached down to Pete's shorts and exposed his pantyhose encased cock. Pulling of his shorts, I looked down to see him in sheer to the waist seamless Wolfords pantyhose and with a very erect member underneath. Grabbing a condom from my Bum Bag I opened the packet and pulling the waistband of his panyhose rolled it down his length. Elliot was still deep inside me and I was loving it, I moved forward letting him slip from my "pussy"

Kneeling down over Pete now he was on his back I grabbed his penis and sank back on it again, I looked over my shoulder and motioned for him to go.

Elliot was behind me with his huge erection pocking out of his pantyhose, shuffling forward he started to push into me, OHH YeSS! MORE! Fuck that feels good!

Two cocks were now in me, they slipped and slurped and made disgusting noises, All I felt was complete fulfilment. I had never felt this good and I was dressed in pantyhose!!

I felt both cocks swelling and spurting in my body.. Pete's pantyhosed legs rubbing against my smooth pantyhosed legs .....

The bushes rustled

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