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Title: Pantyhose Fetish - Part 1

I had first contact with a fellow pantyhose wearer through one of the many chat rooms that cater for predilections such as mine. I was just lurking around watching the conversations develop, stroking my nylon encased thighs, adding a comment here and there when a newbie entered the chat room.
"Hi, I am rather new to all this. I love to wear pantyhose as often as I can and was wondering if there are any guys here who would like to meet in real life?"

This looked too good to be true as I had been thinking about experimenting with my bi side for a couple of years. I highlighted his name and selected "Private Message" from the menu.

"Hi, my name is John, I too love wearing pantyhose and due to my current circumstances, am able to do so 24/7"

"Do you really want to meet in real life? I have never done anything like this before" he responded.

"Neither have I, but I have wanted to meet someone like you who like me loves the feeling only pantyhose can provide"

So our conversation went on, we discovered we had many similar tastes, and that we lived about an hours drive from each other. As he was still living with his mother it was agreed that he was going to visit me the following Friday evening.
Every day we were exchanging emails waiting for the end of the week to arrive. We even exchanged photos dressed in only our pantyhose. I fortunately have a digital camera so setting up and posing was no problem, but Elliot only had a Polaroid and a rather poor scanner. He was apologetic about the poor quality. I told him I didn't care, the look of his hard cock encased in the variety of pantyhose he modelled in was raising the blood pressure in my own cock.

Friday morning, I awoke with a knot of excitement in my stomach. The day dragged like no other, even a co-worker asked me if there was anything wrong. Little did he realise the tension that had been building under my trousers and control top pantyhose all day. Finally 5.30 arrived and I scooted out of the office and into my car. Driving home, I stopped off at Superdrug chemists and made a few purchases. Arriving home I realised I still had about an hour before Elliot would arrive so I decided to jump in the shower. I showered all over making sure every square inch of my body was scrubbed. I got out and after drying myself dusted my body with talc which feels so soft and slinky. I padded into my bedroom and opened up my pantyhose drawer. Looking through the contents I remembered the goodies I had purchased earlier. I ran down the stairs stark bullock naked, retrieved the bag and ran back upstairs. I took one of the purchases and retired to the bathroom for a couple of minutes!
. Next I took out a packet of black 10 denier sheer to waist with lycra. Carefully opening the packet I unfurled the contents and carefully inched the delicious sheer fabric over my legs and up to my waist. God, I was so hard, I felt I could crack a coconut with this one and not feel it! Suddenly my phone rang and I jumped, partially out of surprise and partially from the level of tension in me. It was Elliot, he told me he was about 5 minutes away but could I give him instructions to my house. I asked him to describe where he was, only to find out he had pulled over opposite my house! I told him to pull over into my drive, but could he please give me two minutes to get dressed. "No need" he replied "Unless you really want to"
"Well no.." I said "I don't suppose I have to, see you at the door then"
Hanging up I grabbed my dressing gown and raced down the stairs. Elliot was standing at the front door holding an overnight case as I opened it.
"Very, very nice" he said as he glanced down to my pantyhose encased feet and legs poking out from under my dressing gown.
I showed him to my living room and offered him a drink.
"Scotch, if you have it" he said sitting down on my deep settee. I saw his trouser legs ride up several inches exposing his gorgeous slim ankles encased in fine denier nearly black hose. I felt myself stiffen, if that was possible in my current state.
I poured two stiff drinks and handing one to him sat down next to him on the settee. We chatted about this and that noticing could not keep his eyes off my legs.

I jokingly asked "Is there something wrong with my legs?"

"Erm, well actually there is" he replied.

Oh god! I thought, is this all going to go horribly wrong before anything has even started?

Putting on a brave face I asked him "What is wrong with my legs?"

"Have you ever shaved your legs?" My head spun, I have never had the guts to shave my legs and it was a subject that had never been mentioned in all our emails.

"Um, no" I replied.

"Would you like to? It feels so much better to have smooth legs below your nylons"

Well, what could I say, now I realised why his ankles looked so good, there was no hair on his legs. I took a deep gulp of the fiery scotch and said "Sure"

A big grin spread over his face "Well I have the perfect solution for you. Do you have a shower?"

"Yes, a large walk in shower upstairs beside my bedroom"

"Super, I need a shower anyway, lets go up there and de fuzz you"

For someone who had stated he had ever done anything like this before, he sure had a lot of confidence in him.

"OK" I replied.

Grabbing his bag he took my hand and led me up the stairs. I showed him my bedroom and en-suite. He immediately started to strip off his outer clothes revealing a completely smooth body encased in sheer to waist 10 denier pantyhose and sporting his now familiar 8" cock. It looked bigger than in the pictures he had sent me. Striding over he slipped my dressing gown off over my shoulders and hugged me close sliding one of his legs between mine and grinding our pantyhosed cocks together. Breaking away he grabbed something out of his bag and pulled me into the en-suite.
He showed me what he had in his hand, it was a large can of hair removing foam.
"This is special stuff" he said "I get it shipped in from America, it is better than anything you can buy here as it quickly removes thick male hair most effectively. Are you sure you want to go ahead with this?"

"Yes" I replied. I was even surer now I had seen his all-over smooth body.

"All right" he said squirting out a large blob and started to smooth it over my pantyhose covered thighs. "It's ok, it works through nylon" continuing to smooth it over the rest of my legs.

"Shall we do the rest?" he asked.

In for a penny in for a pound I thought. "Why not" I replied

Soon I was looking like a tampon with a head on top and I felt my skin starting to tingle.

Five minutes later and Elliot dragged me into the shower and started to pull down my pantyhose. I couldn't help notice the hair falling off my legs as he pulled my pantyhose down. Grabbing the shower head he rinsed off the rest of the foam from me, along with all my body hair!

"You go and dry off while I finish in here." He said. "There is a present for you in my overnight bag, put it on"

Stepping out of the shower I grabbed one of my large towels and started to dry myself marvelling in the smooth sensation of my completely nude body. A quick dusting of talc made me realise that this was something I really should have done years ago. Stepping back into the bedroom I looked inside Elliot's bag and found a parcel with a label on it saying "To John, Love Elliot"
Sitting on the edge of the bed I opened the parcel to find three pairs of black 7 denier suspender pantyhose. Opening one of the packets I carefully slid on the ultra sheer pantyhose, feeling for the first time the out of this world sensation of sheer nylon on smooth legs. My poor cock was so hard I was afraid it was going to explode there and then. Elliot was looking at me from the bathroom, a smile across his lips. Stepping into the bedroom I saw he too was wearing suspender pantyhose. His cock hard and throbbing.
Elliot took charge at that moment, he moved in front of me and knelt down. He gently started to stroke my pantyhose encased legs moving higher all the time, moving up and inward to my sensitive inner thighs. I couldn't help my self, my legs parted as his feather like fingers stroked the fine nylon covering my smooth legs. Looking down my cock seemed 2" longer now there was no hair. Elliot leaned forward and took my throbbing cock gently in his mouth.

"Oh Shit!" I shouted. "I'm gonna cumm!"

Without batting an eyelid Elliot quickly removed his mouth from my cock and said "Yes please darling" and sucked me back in to the back of his throat just as the first hot blast of cum erupted from the end of my cock. Wave after wave of pure pleasure pumped out of me into Elliot's warm mouth. He didn't spill a drop as my spasms started to ebb. Standing up he smiled and pushed me gently back on the bed. He lay down on top of me and I could feel his hardness grinding against my semi erect cock. Looking into my eyes he kissed me, forcing open my mouth. I could taste myself on his tongue and started to feel my cock stirring again.

"May I return the favour?" I asked him.

He rolled off me and lay on the bed. His cock was inches from my face. I reached for his legs and started to stroke the inner pantyhose covered thighs. Elliot started to groan. Leaning further forward, for the first time in my life, I sucked in the tip of another mans cock. Getting bolder I started to take more and more of his cock into my mouth. Elliot started to thrash his head from side to side. Using my tongue, I rubbed the head of Elliot's cock as quickly as I could. Elliot started to sigh. It was just then that I remembered my little trip to the bathroom just before Elliot had arrived. I slipped his cock from my mouth and smiled at him.

"Don't stop!" he cried.

With a wicked glint in my eye I straddled him.

"No, stop, I haven't got a condom on"

"Don't worry" I replied "I have, well sort of."

"Eh?" he said with a puzzled look.

"I have a femmi-dom in me" I explained "It is the female condom"

A look of relief crossed his face and two seconds later I was feeding the first real cock into my boy pussy. After all the dildos I have played with while fantasising, nothing compared to the feeling of this hard hot penis entering my most private of private places. Soon I was humping up and down on his wonderful tool. Then I had an idea, I spun round so I could feel his pantyhose encased thighs while he could watch his cock pumping my boy pussy. No sooner had I started on his inner thighs I heard him groan. My cock was rock hard and leaking precum from the wonderful sensations Elliot's cock was having on my prostate. I was close to achieving an internal orgasm when I felt his cock grow inside me and then he was cumming inside me. That sent me over the edge as the feelings rushed through my body and I spurted long and hard over his pantyhose, thrusting my ass pussy down hard on his manhood, trying to get even more in me. I continued to slide up and down feeling everything g!
etting even more slippery inside. Finally I felt his manhood slip out of me. A stream of his hot spunk dribbling down my leg.

I collapsed back into his arms and we drifted of into a sleep of the truly contented, our sheer smooth pantyhose legs entwined.

I woke the following morning with the gorgeous sensation of my thighs being stroked, I felt myself getting hard and Elliot's hand reaching over to gently stroke my cock.

"Hmmmmmm.." I moaned, "Christ that feels good!"

Elliot chuckled and gave me a hug. "Come on sleepy, let's jump into the shower and have some fun together." he said.

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