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Title: My Pantyhose Experience

A brief history about me. Like most of the readers, I have been wearing pantyhose since I was a young teenager. I would fake sick and stay at home sometimes while my folks would go to work. I remember finding some pantyhose in the wastebasket one time and tried them on. I was hooked after that point on. They were some tan pantyhose, soft touch, light shine; I remember it like it was yesterday. I would lie on the carpet in the bathroom and pretend like I was having sex. I ended up cuming in them and placed them at the bottom of the basket because I was afraid I would get caught. I am 33 now and happily married to a beautiful red headed woman that makes me very happy and understands my fetish. She does not like to wear them as much as I would like for her to but at least she lets me indulge whenever I want. I even wear them out of the house under my clothes, which feels very sexy.
My wife was a virgin when we met and I was nervous about telling her that I liked seeing her in hose or that I wore them. I think it was about two months after we were dating before I told her that it turned me on to see her in pantyhose. Since she was a secretary, she wore them everyday. She would leave them on for me when we would make love, I would not last long at all since I was so excited. After about two years of this I said something to the effect that I would wear the hose to see how they feel on me so she did not have to wear them as often. She was ok with that and even bought me some from the 7-11. I can remember they were control tops and barely fit which had her laughing when I put them on since they were so difficult. Once I had them on and we started making love, I think I was only in her about three strokes and had to pull out. Now I wear them whenever I want to and it is ok with her. Most of the time I ask her if she is ok with it at the time to see what she wants (either with or without hose).

I remember living in California and sometimes I would frequent an adult book store about 45 min from my house. My wife went through a rough stage in our marriage and I would go out some nights and frequent and adult store about 45 min from our house. I would sometimes wear hose under my trousers with no socks on so if anyone looked down at my ankles, they would see them. No one ever approached me about this. I did go into those booths with the half door where the bottom of the door was gone. I guess it was some sort of law to have them that way or something. I used to take off my shoes and sit and watch the movies. I would sometimes catch others looking my way knowing that they could see my feet in hose. I would wear an array of colors like tan, nude, black, and even white. White hose are my ultimate favorite. Once I knew I had someone watching I would pull my pants down and stroke my cock for them to watch. I really get off on others watching. I moved to Hawaii where they have some really nice bookstores with full doors on the movies stalls. I would go there sometimes and do the same thing except they would have to watch through a hole or come in the room with me. I have had hand jobs from other guys and have even stroked a couple cocks to ejaculation all over my hose covered cock. I know I have a bi side in me and like to venture on both sides, who doesn

I would even go to the beach down at Waikiki and take off my shoes with my hose covered feet in the sand and walk wherever I wanted to. I do remember this one time when I walked on the beach and took the chance to walk on the dock, big risk though. This guy did come over to me and started talking to me. He was very friendly and all that. He was very bold and asked if I was gay or bi. I said I was curious and told him to look at my feet. I was wearing nude ones so it was not as obvious to all that looked. He asked if I was wearing stockings and I said yes I was wearing nude pantyhose. He informed me that he was on vacation with some friends and was out for a walk. He asked me if I would like to walk to a more secluded spot where we could have some fun. He said he was curious and never had the courage to get hooked up with another guy. Since he was on vacation and did not know anyone, he wanted to try some things with another guy. I said we could do some hand job stuff if he felt comfortable. We ended up going to a park bench on the beach where we sat down. We talked some more, so we could be comfortable and to monitor people that might come by and interrupt things. Once we were comfortable, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He had and average cock like myself. I unzipped my pants but my cock was held back because of the hose. He pulled out his cock and started stroking it to get it hard. I was watching him as he put his hand inside of my pants. It felt so good to have someone stroking my cock through the pantyhose of course I was rock solid with this. I felt the urge and made sure no one was near or walking in our area and I bent down and took him in my mouth. This is the first and only blowjob I ever gave and was very intense. I used my hands and mouth to satisfy him. I did not have to do this very long and he started to cum. I did not swallow it, it ran out of my mouth and down my hand and down his balls as I stroked him and kept him in my mouth. I let him take care of my needs and he jerked me off in the hose. I did have him take my cock out of the hose so I could cum on the sand.

What an interesting night that was. I still think of that encounter. Since my wife and I are way better now that we used to be, I will not cheat on her. I did tell her that I was bi curious and that if she were game, I would help her blow another dude. She has never been with anyone else and the thought of a threesome grosses her out. By the way, since I am overseas she sends me pantyhose all the time. I love just my size pantyhose. I am wearing white ones right now. I have three black pairs, two tan, one nude, and these white ones.

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