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Title: Wow!!!!!

This is my story and I'm hoping Ed the man whom is part of it reads this and contacts me.
It all started about 3 years ago when a woman I know told me about this web site. After a month or so, I decided to run a personal add saying that I would send photos of myself in lingerie to whomever responded. I had been sending photos to a few women I met on ebay for a couple of months and it was fun. One time I sent pictures to what I thought was a woman and come to find out her husband also liked them. It really turned me on to think I was turning on another man. At first there were no responses to my add and I felt kind of disappointed but also relieved. I've never let another man see me dressed in my lingerie and I let that woman and her husband talk me into running the add, because they said it would be fun. Then all of a sudden I received a few responses, but I was scared to reply to them. One day I received one from what sounded like a soft-spoken man and he mentioned that he knew I probably wouldn't respond. A week or so went by and I received another email from him. He said that all he wanted to do was correspond via email and when I felt comfortable, he would like to see a picture of me in my panties. I answered him and we corresponded for a month or so and I sent him a couple of photos. Eventually he mentioned he would like to meet me someone day and he also mentioned that some day he would like to suck my cock. I told him I wasn't gay and couldn't do it. He wrote back told me he was in no rush he would just really like to see me in my panties and we could just talk for now. Well, one day I was horny and wrote him, saying I would meet him. It took awhile to work out all the details and we agreed to meet at a vacation rental property I own. Keep in mind, I have never seen a photo of Ed, but he seemed so understanding I agreed to the meeting. He lives a couple of hours away so it wasn't so bad. I got up the morning of our meeting and showered and prepared myself for a totally new experience. You can't imagine how scared I was, but I also thought this might be a joke. I went to the designated place and put on my panties, bra, nightgown and robe and waited. We agreed to have a couple of drinks so I could relax. Well I was so nervous, I had a Bloody Mary while I was waiting and was just about ready to write this experience off as a bad joke and felt some what relieved when I saw a car pull into the driveway and I just about fainted, I was so scared. I knew there was no turning back and I just hoped Ed was a good looking clean person. Out of the car comes this older tall, clean looking man and I felt a sense of relief. As he was walking up the stairs it dawned on me that I was waiting for him in my robe and the embarrassment and fear took over again. I invited him in and realized how much bigger then me he was. I'm 5'9" and he must have been 6'3" or so, I nervously made him a drink and we sat in the living room. He sat on the couch and I in a chair across from him. We hadn't really talked much at this point. He started talking about his job etc. It just seemed like a couple of guys talking until I remembered I was wearing a nightgown under my robe and he knew it. After about an hour and with Ed fixing me a couple more drinks, he and I both knew he was in control of this situation and he was taking his time to let my nerves calm down. I think Ed has seduced a lot of men before and knows what he's doing. Out of know where I heard him say, why don't you take off your robe and relax Jim. I just about died, but I did as he said and stood up and let my robe fall to the ground. He had me turn around for him and commentd on how he couldn't wait to see my panties. I sat down fast completely embarrassed and he just kept talking like nothing had happened. Eventually the conversation turned to panties and when I first started wearing them and how I felt going into a store and buying lingerie etc. The whole thing of me talking to another man, about panties was embarrassing, but at the same time it was turning me on, because nothing I said seemed to shock him. He made me feel really comfortable about myself. Soon I heard him say, I see your starting to relax and I noticed he was looking at my erection through my nightgown. I tried hiding it with my drink glass and my hand. He continued asking questions about me and my panties and I felt comfortable enough to tell him some stories about when I was a little boy and how I liked my sisters panties. I was really getting excited and didn't realize I was rubbing my cock with my glass, until it was pointed out to me. This has got to be the most embarrassing day of my life. Ed told me it was OK and to put the glass on the table and continue. I still can't believe I put my hands back in my lap and started rubbing myself knowing he was watching. About half an hour of him questioning me, I heard him say, I think your ready, don't you, Jim? I can't wait to see your panties he was saying, do you want to show me your panties here or in the bedroom. My head was starting to spin, because the last drink he made was to strong. I automatically stood up and walked into the bedroom. Ed stopped off at the bathroom as I positioned myself on the edge of the bed and waited. I was lying there with my eyes closed, touching myself when he came in and kneeled on the floor alongside the bed. He watched me for a minute and then I felt his hand on my nightgown-covered knee and I almost stopped breathing. I couldn't believe I was letting Ed touch me. Next his hand found its way under my gown and was moving up my leg toward my panties. I knew he would find out I was wearing a pair of little girl's bikinis under my pink Vanity Fair full briefs and was getting embarrassed. After tracing the outline of my bikinis through my outer panties, he had me rise up a little so he could pull my nightgown up covering my face with it and exposing my pink bra. Ed was so slow and gentle as he lowered his head to my nylon covered cock and I felt him kiss it ever so gently. I thought he just was going to look at my panties and I jumped, He told me to just relax. I felt helpless lying there and knew I couldn't stop him. I watched him through my nightgown as he took the waistband of my outer panties and gently pulled them off, commenting on how cute my little girl panties looked. Now I'm lying in front of him in a pair of little girl

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