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Title: Earning My First A

When I was in high school I was a pretty big jock. I was the captain of the football team, basketball team, and I played on the baseball team. I was pretty popular and I was going out with the head cheerleader, But when I was 14 I fell in love with panties and womens clothes. I mean I loved the feel from the second I first tried on a pair of my sisters panties. Ever since that moment I would dress up in my moms or sisters clothes anytime I had the house to myself and even started taking pictures.
Eventually I started buying my own panties, thongs, garters stockings, lingerie and I had gotten a pretty big collection. However I could never really be confident enough to go out dressed up especially since I couldn't imagine what the kids at school, my parents, or the whole neighborhood would say if they found out. So I started wearing panties and stockings under my pants everyday cause I needed to wear them.

I wasn't gay or anything but I figured I was bi, because by the time I was a junior in high school I'd been fantasizing about sucking cock or being fucked I even experimented a little bit with my mom's dildo, but I knew that I would never actually act on those feelings.

One day I was wearing a pair of pink cotton panties with cute butterflies on the front and a pair of white knee highs under my clothes when I went to school. I was never really the best student I mostly slept and I really only went to school to play sports. Well one day I fell asleep in my history class sand I guess my little cute pink panties were hanging out and my teacher spotted them. I knew he saw them right away my face was as red as a tomato. There was only a few seconds left and he said Steve stay after class I was so nervous all the other kids just figured it was because I was sleeping or something.

As soon as everyone left he shut the door and said you like sexy in those panties baby and ran his hands through my hair, I stepped back and said I got to go, even though my cock was bulging in my panties just from the touch of mr. levers 6'2 muscular body he was tall dark and handsome and I just realized how sexy he was.

As I turned to walk to leave he said "I wouldn't want anyone to find out you little secret" I stopped, then he said "your girlfriend and the rest of the school might not be as accepting of your little secret as I am" He walked up to me put his arm around me and said "just do what I say and your secret is safe with me, and you might earn an A in history if your really good" My cock was so hard but part of me wanted to run the hell out of their, but I stayed. He said "come on I'll give you a lift home"

When we got in his car we started driving right away I said were are we going, and he told me "to shut up and just look pretty' part of me wanted to hit him but part of me loved being treated like little girl.

The next thing he said was "take them damn pants of I wanna see your slutty ass" so I slid them of and he saw my white knee highs and my butterflies on the front of my pink cotton panties.

He nearly swerved of the road when he saw my shaven legs and my knee highs. He said "you ever suck a mans cock" I said no, he said "really we can take care of that , and I guess you never been fucked either, dont worry about will make you a real women tonight."

He was doing like 70 miles an hour and rubbing my cock through my panties. He said "your so hard I know you wanna be my slut" "now suck my cock" so I started to unzip his pants as he drove I took out his cock which was hard as a rock and had my first taste of cock in my life it was warm salty and probing my mouth. I was pretty good from my practice with the dildo I was even deepthroating him over and over.

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