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Title: Sheer With No Fear

I have been wearing pantyhose for a long time and enjoy the feeling of a sheer to the waist pantyhose against my cock. I mainly wear pantyhose with black pump stillettos with rhinestone accents around the ankle straps. I normally wear this inside and had a urge to dress and walk outside at night. One night I drove to a remote park and brought my hose and accessories. It was a warm night and I undressed completely and sat at the bench facing the deserted parking lot with just a spot light.
I gather my Victoria Secret sheer to the waist nude hose and began to slide it up my legs. I had such a rush as my cock was so hard that I almost came before I was completely dressed. I relaxed and pulled the hose over my throbbing bouncing cock. Once it was encassed I knew I was in heaven. I slipped on my stillettos and my black victoria secret teddy slowly up over my hose. I was complete!

I walked thru the night air free and aroused. I walked toward the outdoor pool of the park and toward the gate. The night moon was shinning on the water if the pool. As I press my body against the chain fenced the door gave away. Someone had forgotten to lock the gate. I thought, "what if I went in for a cool dip in the water in my sheer hose and black teddy.

I was getting so aroused that I had to do it! I slipped off my stillettos and left my hose and teddy on and slowly stepped into the water. At first it was cold but my erection stayed firm. I was about crotch deep when I began to feel comfortable. I swam across the pool and back. When I got out of the pool I grabbed my heels and walked back to the car.

I had still a hard erection from the cold water and sat down back on the bench. I put back on my stillettos and began walk around to dry off.

I noticed a car drive by, but didn't care if they saw me as I was feeling good. Strangly I heard a whistle from the car as I think they thought I was a girl. I was further aroused by this and could not hold back the explosion of cum underneath my hose and teddy. I pulled out my cock to further strock my cum as I was freely cuming over my hose.

It was the greatest experience I had. I have since been back and dressed in various hose and lingerie.

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