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Title: My New Life

Beautiful Mistress - my life has recently changed from being my wifes footslave including meeting her at the door after work - removing her shoes and boots, cleaning them, foot massages, kisses, pedicures, manicures and forced smelling. I also have to tongue polish all of her footwear and hand wash her hosiery.
My life changed this past x-mas day when my wife handed me my first x- mas package with a sly grin on her face, I opened it care fully to find 3 pairs of tights (pink, red and orange), 3 pairs of pantyhose (black, brown and white) and 3 pairs of stockings (pink, black and red fishnets) and a garter belt.

I looked at her with surprise, she just smiled and said "things are going to be changing around here, put the red tights on as they are christmassy - go and put them on now"!

I fumbled to put them on as she watched and laughed at me, I finally got them on and she made me spin for her. She had the sly grin again.

She handed me the next box and I opened it slowly to find a pair of 6" strappy spiked stilleto sandals with ankle ties and what seemed to be a padlock. She quickly said "put them on and lock the lock", I looked at her - she put her nylon covered foot to my mouth and she showed me she had the keys.

I put on the shoes and clipped the padlocks" she grinned widely and said "now your going to experience the foot torture I feel when you ask me to wear such things and now I control the key -stand up and show how you walk" and giggled.

I teetered around in the shoes for a few moments and laughing she said "you'll learn to walk properly in a day or 2.

She threw the next box at me - it was very heavy -I opened it to find a black leather miniskirt , a red latex mini and a pinklong skirt-all with slits up to the waist area, and a pink corset. She instructed me to put the pink corset on with the black leather miniskirt - I did so quickly as to not piss her off.

So here I was - a pink corset , black mini, red tights and black stilleto's, I didn't know what was happening.

She told me to kneel at her feet -handed me an envelope that I opened and found that she had enrolled me in a beauty school to learn makeup and manicures and pedicures.

She placed both feet on my face, made me kiss them and rubbed my face and said sternly "this is your new life , you will wear hose 24/7 - I have thrown out all your man underwear, when you get home from work you will dress in the shoes, skirts and feminine blouses. When you go to work you will wear hose under your pants and than change for me and look your best! So this is just the start of your new life and many more changes are going to happen to you - do you have a problem with that?" and stuck her toes underneath my chin until I gazed at her.

I looked deep into her her eyes and I said "no dear" - with a victorious look on her face she said "good girl "and rubbed her feet on my face playfully.

She has asked me to contact dominant women to get some ideas and or tasks she can have me do to help her change me and has told me to update the women on my new everchanging life.

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