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Title: Pantyhose Fantasy Play

I sat there quietly in my silkies sheer to waist tan nylons and black miniskirt with heels as Kate lifted up her own dress and exposed her sheer tan nylon covered ass. I felt my cock throb painfully as I crossed my legs and leaned back a bit on the plastic covered mattress .
"Are you ready for this, baby?" She asked seductively as she spread her legs just a bit and stared back at me with a teasing smile.

I nodded once as I lusted after her beautiful pantyhosed ass.

"Okay, here I go." She said as she began press down on the front of her stomach while holding the hem of her dress up.

My heart began to beat forcefully under my white blouse as I saw the first few drops of golden liquid begin to frow from her silky crotch and hit the plastic covered floor with a loud crackling sound. At first just a few drops began to drip from her wet sheer crotch, but then she forced out a hard stream of urine that nearly made me cum right then.

She then suddenly stopped and I began to worry that it was over before it even really started, but from the look on her face I knew that it wasn't.

"You're a naughty girl." She teased me, as she spun around and faced me, revealing a line of wetness that ran down her left leg and emptied into her black pump. "Want more?"

"You know I do." I replied eagerly.

"Then lie lown on your back, bitch." She suddenly got forceful.

I quickly complied, wondering what she was going to do next.

She then began to crawl on top of me and straddled me, rubbing her wet nylon covered pussy on my raging hard on. A moment later I felt hot liquid begin to soak my own pantyhose and cock and I groaned in ecstacy. I felt like I was gonna cum any moment.

She then lifted off me a bit and moved farther up my body and placed her not very wet and sweet smelling gash over my face.

"Lick me, you filthy bitch." She ordered.

Again, I had no desire to resist and opened my mouth as she gently lowered herself onto my lips. She tasted so damn salty. As my tongue began to probe around the thin material of her pantyhose, she started to pee once more.

At first I wasn't ready, as it ran down the side of my face and hit the plastic, but soon got the idea. As she let loose in short bursts I began to lap up her delicious honey like a mad dying of thirst in the desert, swallowing every couple of seconds.

"Good girl." She purred. Now I have something else for you that you weren't expecting. But since you're such a nasty bitch, I somehow think you'll get off on it."

I looked at her not knowing where she was leading but got excited never the less.

She quickly slid back down my body and sat on my crotch and licked her red lips seductively. "I have to take a shit."

My eyes opened wide in shock.

"Would you like me to shit my pantyhose for you?"

Again I found myself nodding, even more aroused my this new development. I'd always loved golden showers, but this was unexplored territory for me.

"Okay bitch, be my toilet."

She then pulled her legs up while still sitting on my balls and placed her pantyhosed legs and heels on the sides of my head. I reached up and grabbed her ankles and the smooth nylon felt so good.

I angled my head downward so I could see her crotch and see began to bear down. At first pee began to flow out soaking us both and making her all shiny down below, but then I began to hear little pops of escaping air from her ass as the first bit of brown chocolate started to push its way out against her skin tight nylons.

Then in a sudden burst, she filled her hose with a big muchy pile of brown shit.

I thought I was in heaven as nothing like this had ever happened to me outside of a dream. But here she was, performing for me a fantasy I never thought any would do in real life.

"Like it, bitch?" She teased as she lifted her legs and spread them wide for me to see the big brown mess in full.

I couldn't take it any more, and got out from under her and then ripped open her nylons and then tore mine apart as well, letting my rock hard cock spring free. In an instant I was inside her, pumping her like a piston. In less than a minute I was spraying hot semen all up inside her nasty crotch. We both then just laid there as I was totally spent, breathing heavily.

A minute later she said, "Okay, baby I played out this nasty little fantasy for you, so now you're gonna play one out for me."

I smiled at her happy to oblige anything at this point. "Sure, Kate, anything you want, you got it."

She leaned up into my ear and whispered lightly.

A wide smile formed across my face as I eagerly nodded.

What did she say? Well that's another pantyhose story.

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