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Title: Skintight Love - Part 2

For the next session I wore his daughters creamy white skintight jodhpurs and went with Joe into the barn as he lay down and asked me to straddle him, while he wore my skintight spandex black catsuit. Again I played the dumb bimbo.

I sat astride my lover and he encouraged me to bob up and down, even cupping my ass and guiding me up and down on his crotch which felt hard.

As I rode him I huffed and puffed.

As well as cupping my ass I could tell he was feeling it too.

Joe held my neck and brought my face to his and we kissed.

My excitement made me ride him faster and faster until he came through his spandex, which frothed as it met my encased ass. Once he recovered he asked me to sit on his face and use that as a saddle, as I milked his prick with my mouth through his spandex. How I love well built mature men like this! It was the best riding lesson I ever had!
The next time we met, it was my turn to play games with him. I told him over the phone how I wanted to fuck him in the bed he and his wife slept in, but I wanted to catch him dressed like a sissy in a leotard, make-up and shiny black tights. When I caught him he was in the bedroom looking at his ass in the mirror in the blue leotard, talking to himself in a sissy voice. He then walked up and down rather ridiculously in his heels wiggling his ass. I was at the doorway in my tight black miniskirt, boob tube, pink wig, heels, make up with my hands on my hips.

He looked terrified and tried to hide himself under the bed covers.

Joe did as he was told. I slapped his face hard.

Something came over me what with him standing there like that and I threw my arms around him and kissed him passionately, smearing our lipstick. I sat on the bed and asked him to lie himself across my lap where I spanked his spandexed butt so hard with my bare hand.

I pushed him off my lap, wrestled him to the ground, hitched my skirt up and revealed my shiny white girdle under my tan tights, and I sat on his nose, not caring if he could breath or not!

He did what he was told, even when I wriggled on him.

Joe wriggled even more.

By now Joe had stopped struggling and was enjoying his treatment but not until I tied him to the bed with a pair of hose, stripped him of his leotard, took his hard fat cock out of his tights, pulled a stocking over his face, and lowered my own ass onto his cock where I rode the shit out of him, calling him Jessica at the top of my voice while he called me Polly. I pushed my hands into his chest and rode him up and down, smiling into his encased eyes

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