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Title: Skintight Love - Part 1

He was trying to chat me up all night, and since there was no other action and I was feelin

The Farmer, or Joe as he introduced himself to me, opened up more and told me that he loved tights, especially beautiful boys like me who wore them. He said that he wore his wife

I looked at him, as I sipped my Bacardi breezer through my straw with a smile playing on my lips.

I cut him off to kiss him passionately.

I looked at him. It was understandable.

He bought me a drink and we talked about fetishes. He told me that he had a thing about fucking a stable hand, dressed in a blue hooded rain mac that comes down to your thighs, and blue wellington boots, with nothing underneath but a pair of black tights.

It was intriguing.

Again we were kissing. We arranged to meet up one afternoon when his wife and daughter went out. Before we exchanged numbers I went to the loo and took my tights off. I threw them at him when I came back.

A few days and some emails later I was at his farm. We had emailed instructions on what we wanted to happen in the days events, I took some make up, some outfits, and some spare tights naturally. He met me at the gates to his land, after I got out of the taxi and as promised he drove me to the house and farmyard in his tractor. Once we were out of the range of the country road we paused to have a long kissing session.

After a drink at his place he gave me the rain coat and wellies. I was already wearing tights with no panties. And I put them on. It was a miserable day outside anyway. He took me to the cows and showed me how to milk it manually. After I while I was sat on the stool milking away, staring at him seductively and licking my lips. As planned he left me for a few minutes and came back.

I followed him out into the farmyard, over a gate and in a muddy field by an old wooden gate.

I undid his strap, rolled his breeches to his big muddy boots and saw, glistening in the sheen, a big thick erect cock waiting for me.

Without hesitation I placed my milking stool on the ground, sat down and milked his prick in my hand through his tights. He threw his head back and closed his eyes, letting off little grunts here and there. I milked his thick prick vigorously.

My own cock was straining as I threw myself into my new role.

I gasped as I realized something.

My lipstick mouth was now wrapped around his encased prick sucking him deeply, as I gazed up at him like an innocent little girl. I tugged at his pantyhosed crotch a little and grinned. He grinned back.

I sucked him harder and harder, I thought he was going to spray my face when he asked me to turn over and make a hole in the seat of my tights.

I hitched up my coat. He helped me make a hole in my tights where he eased his fat cock up me, then he shagged me, as hard as possible like he always wanted to.

While he slammed his prick into me I cried,

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