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Title: Sales Lady

My wife had known about my fetish for pantyhose/tights in the uk and accepted my crossdressing also she knows i am straight and trusts me and I her for loving me. I get a day off once a month and take the opportunity to crossdress while she is at work , she knows about it so its not behind her back. But she did'nt know I was buying make up from the sales woman who sells it from door to door, you know the one im sure. It was my day off and my wife went off to work and I had a bath and shaved all my body hair so I was nice and smooth all over before my transformation took place, it would start with me putting on my white satin and elastaine panties and bra they fit so snug, next a pair of 10 denier tights, tan is my favourite colour, I then spent some time with my make up looking classy and tarty at the same time. My dress was a figure hugging above the knee coffee number made from satin and lycra. I then put on my wig a shoulder length red one, I was ready to buy my make up and poured two glasses of wine, as I did so the door bell rang and I opened it up and let in Krystal. She walked in with her suit case of wares and sat down before opening it up. 'How are you this month angie she asked'. I'm fine I said, what have you got for me today, well, she said first here's your order of make up from last time, and handed me a package of goodies.
This time I've got a new range of eye shadow and lipstick for you to look at, pointing them out to me I picked them up and she proceded to apply them to my face for me, how do you like that, she asked, I'll take them I said anything else new. Ive got a nice range of underware if you are interested, of course I am let me see, she opened a book and told me, I have some samples with me if you want to see anything, of course I chose six pairs of tights and asked about the pantie and bra sets. You tell me what you like and I'll have a look in my bag to see if I have them. They look nice I told her pointing at matching pantie and bra sets. I have all the colours there exept white the last set went last night. Oh what a pity I said I would Have loved to have seen it in white.Well your out of luck slightly she said, I had the last one but you can see it on me if you want, Oh....ok then that would be perfect, she stood up and began to undo the tie on he wrap around blue and white knee length dress, she pulled it apart and I stared in disbelief, very nice I told her, sure enough she had on the white panties and bra but also a pair of sheer glossy tights over the top. Go on she said have a feel they are lovely to the touch, I nervously ran my hand over the tights touching the panties as her tights slid with my touch on them. Could you turn around so I can see the back of them I asked quietly, sure and she showed me her rear as I felt that too. Now, do you want a set when they come in she said, oh yes please they are very nice indeed.

Very well then I'll order them. Now she said I also have a few adult toys I am selling as a side line if your intereted, taking out a bag she handed me a small vibrator; thats the best seller to all my clients because it fits in a bag and takes up no room, she said, she leaned over and turned it on, it buzzed as she took it from me and said, quite powerful for one so small don't you agree. Yes I said, then she handed me a vibrating pussy, this is good for men to masterbate with she said. I suppose it is I told her but no men here so I'll just take the little one, oh come on she said I've been coming here for six months now, I know your a crossdresser Mr. Jones. I've no idea what your on about I said nervously. Its ok she said I know you have a fetish for tights, make up, and undies, its nothing to be ashamed of. You got it wrong I told her, then if your a woman you won't have anything up here will you, she said sliding her hand up my hosed leg and touching my now ridgid cock. Don't know any women with one of these, and ran her finger nails over my nylon and wet satin. I am so sorry please don't be offended I meant no harm. Offended no way, I also love tights and satin mixed with cosmetics it is a turn on for me and coming to you for so long knowing your really a man has made me wet many times. I could'nt believe what I was hearing, but it was true she was getting off on this once a month as well. With that she took the little vibrator off me opened up her dress, pulled the waistband of her tights and panties foward and put the buzzing toy between the folds of flesh in her pussy, put the tights back to hold it in place and said, now fucking kiss me bitch, she pulled me towards her and stuck her wet tongue in my mouth. I deep kissed her and our hand began to explore each others bodies. The vibrator did'nt take long to have an effect as she rubbed my soaked panties and tights she began to orgasm, and it lasted for a good 45 seconds, a squelching noise came from her pussy as she came. I ran my hands all over her then came across what I now think was a pre-prepared hole in her tights, i pulled at them and made the hole a little bigger trying not to ruin her tights in the process. She then stood up told me to lift my dress as she straddled me and guided my cock through a hole she tore in my tights into her wet,warm ready for me pussy. Our nylon legs rubbed together as she writhed up and down on my cock and it was'nt long before I could hold off no longer, and I erupted my man/woman cum inside my cosmetics saleswoman.

We now look foward to our once a month woman on tranny meetings, and the best part is that I since found out she is an internet friend of my wifes and they planned all this behind my back weeks ago.Well bloody lucky old me, reguards, Angie.

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