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Title: Caught in the Act

I have always loved pantyhose. Loved to watch my sister and her friends wearing them. I began to wear her pantyhose my freshman year of highschool. It was such a turn on to me and I was hooked. I always wore them in the privacy of my room.
I recently moved out to my own apartment and found a new way to turn myself on with pantyhose. I would put on a nice pair of black pantyhose with a nice colorful thong. Put my running pants on over and a t-shirt. I would walk outside and find a secluded area and take my pants off and take a few self pics. It was great, i had pictures of myself in front of a busy street with my ass to the cars. it was a turn on for people to see me like this.

I continued to do this for about a year, I got more daring as time went by. Wore more types of lingerie and dresses and skirts sometimes with big heels. Recently I decided to drive to a secluded area near our red light district. I wanted to walk down the side of the street and take a few pictures of myself posing as a hooker. I walked down and got out of my van. I was wearing a long black sheer teddy with black stockings over my black pantyhose. purple bra and thong and clear 6 inch platform heels with purple wig and jelly breasts. I was fucking sexxy!

I set my camera up and walked near a light post with my remote for my camera in hand. I started snapping. I gripped the post like a stripper to her pole. I flashed my ass and my cock too. As I was walking back I saw a guy in the shadows of a corner watching me. I Jumped in my car and tried to leave. He flashed his flashlight at me and told me to stop or I would be detained. I stopped and he approached my window. He told me I was on camera and if I did not want to be turned into the police for lewd conduct I would wait.

I paused and figured he had my license number so I should hear him out. He was just an ordinary security guard but he looked very powerful. He has me get out and he flashed his light up and down my body. He asked what I was doing and I was honest with him. As I was talking he touched my ass. I told him I was not gay, just a CD. He told me that around there, guys spend the night in Jail for lewd conduct and have to go to court and explain themselves in front of a judge and courtroom. He also told me that they confiscate film and fines go up to 1000.00. He asked how I felt about that.

I was scared and shocked. Then he said something that changed my sexuality form then on. He looked around and unzipped his pants and said if I suck him off then I can go. I felt like I had no choice. I opened my side door to my van, turned off the dome light, and spread my legs. He stood between my legs and pulled out his dark uncut cock. It was limp as can be. I looked up at him and asked him if I could just pay him or something. He nodded no and pushed my head down. It was soft and warm and tasted a little sweaty. He moaned the minute I put it in my mouth and began getting harder by the second. I tried to suck the way my girlfriend sucked me off and it seemed to work.

I was bobbing up and down for about 5 minutes, taking a 2 second break to look around every so often. I was bracing my self to feel him cum but he didnt. He pulled away and pulled his pants down around his ankle and told me to play with his asshole. I did and no sooner than I had a finger in his asshole, he unloaded in my mouth. Loads of cum, thick and salty. It filled me up so much that I was coming out of the side os my mouth and dripping on my black Victorias Secret Pantyhose. I kept sucking till he pulled away. I was so fucking horny at that moment. I mean I was a straight guy until then and that Night I sucked another stranger cock and let him cum in my mouth. He stood there for a minute or two and just let his cock go limp.

He told me that he was not gay or anything but if he could help me cum he would. I told him to let me suck his cock some more while I jack off. He agreed and put it back in my mouth. I started sucking on his semi hard cock like a true whore and was stroking my cock at the same time. He bagan rubbing my pantyhose cover legs. I came in a minue flat, shooting my load three feet away. I finished cumming and realized his cock was still in my mouth. I let it go and we both took a piss and walked away from each other without saying anything.

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