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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: A Helpful Sales Lady

My day at work had been overwhelming. I was stressed out and needed some tension release. I love to wear women's panties but I love shopping for them even more. I love the look of surprise or disgust when the sales clerk realizes they are for me. I then zip home try on my purchases and jack off in front of the mirror. So I got home from work, stripped and selected a cute pair of pink cotton panties a pair of tight white shorts and a tank top. When I pulled the shorts over my panty clad bottom a hint of pink showed through the shorts.
There was a new lingere store about a mile from the house so I decided to walk. I'm sure quite a few people could see the pink panties through my shorts. I did hear giggling behind m a few times.I did get arroused and my cock did get hard making a small bulge in my shorts.

As I entered the shop there was one other customer browsing. A women about 45 dressed conservativly in a blue bussiness suit, white blouse and black pumps. And there was the clerk. She was about nineteen, long blond hair, blue eyes, the kind of girl you would see playing beach vollyball on a California beach. She was dressed in a sun dress and white sandles that showed off her deep tan. I immeditly went over to the night gowns and started looking as if I was going to buy my imaginary wife one.

The cute clerk walked over to me with a big smile and asked, " Can I help you "? I stammered out, " I'm looking for some panties ". She did'nt miss a beat as she said, " would that be in the same style your wearing under your shorts"? I turned so red and could only nod. She giggled and said loud enough for the other customer to hear, we have a nice selection of panties like that over here. But she said it with teasing ammusment. She led me over to the panty section and picked a few out for me. She said these were about the same type that I had on and she asked what size. I wanted so badly to tell her to turn me around and check the size for herself but I

She asked if there would be anything else and I said no, even know I

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