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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: VS Shopping

Took off from work a couple of weeks ago to do some lingerie shopping (panties and bras). Arrived early at a suburban VS. Was wearing baggy suit pants with a panty underneath (a black vanity). Any time I'm in a VS it causes an erection which was prominently displayed. As an aside I often wear my panties backwards which means more room when that does happen.
Was in my erect glory when approached by a 20ish attractive gal who askes if she could be of assistance, I replied yes. We made our way over to some of my favorites.

She asked what size does she wear and I replied I'm not sure and she followed up with what size pants does she wear and at that point I indicated that the panties are for me. She seemed accepting and we decided on a medium. I picked several out and we headed to the bra section and once again tried to figure out my size. I asked if she was sure everthing would fit at which she mentioned I could try the articles on (my goal all along). She showed me to the fitting rooms and I mentioned to not forget about me. I had the wrong size bra and had tried on a panty over my existing pair, bulge and all.

The clerk did come back to inquire if everything was all right I indicated that the bra didn't fit correctly at which she went to retrive another but handed it over the door. I tried it on again and she returned and once again I said it didn't fit quite properly still standing there decked out in panty and bra. I was hoping she would come in and assist me but never did. I was hoping she would see my pantied bulge.

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