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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Used Clothing Store

Yesterday morning I awoke my wife and told her that one of her friends had called and said that they were supposed to go the the local used clothing store together. They were having a 65ff sale. Inventory was coming up and they had to refresh all of the clothing bins.
She asked me if I would like to go. I said, "I was hoping that just you and I would go together because you never know what you might find". She replied, "well, she kind of invited herself anyway so we can go without her if you want" I was quite pleased with her reply. I think she understood what I was getting at.

My wife tends to crave intimacy towards the end of her "cycle" and is much more tolerant of my dressing during these times. The timing of this sale couldn't have been better.

When we got to the store we went from bin to bin. I found three nice golf shirts and came back to her and threw them in our basket. She was looking through the ladies shorts bin. She moved to the pants, then the capris. I followed her for a while from bin to bin. Seemingly uninterested, I went to through the mens jackets. After finding nothing I liked I returned to where she was. I helped her look through the pants finding a couple pairs I thought would fit her and through them across the bin at her.

There were 4 or 5 women at the lingerie bin for most of the time as we browsed the store. When it finally cleared. My wife moved in, slid her half filled basket over and started looking. Just as I was turning away she said," Help me look, you might find a bra that will fit me". "Ok, I said and started going through the stuff looking for a 42DD bra.

She made me feel quite comfortable. She even joked a bit. As I picked up a bra that was probably a 32 or 34A or B. She'd say, "can you imagine me trying to fit into that?" and we'd laugh. It was fun. As I we got halfway through. I found a pair of black panties at the bottom. I read the tag. Vanity Fair Size 6/42. I tossed them her way saying," these are nice" She knew they wouldn't fit her and put them in the basket anyway. "Wow", I thought, "what a great day so far". We found a couple more nice things and headed out.

When we got home She said that she wanted to run another errand and that the kids would be home from school soon. We agreed that I would stay and wait for them. As she ran to the bathroom for a quick "pee" I unloaded the bags of goodies from the car. While she was gone I changed into my new panties. Ohh they were nice, black nylon, bikini style with a double stitched waistband. I rubbed them with both hands front and back, snapped the waistband and admired my new find in the mirror. I wore them the rest of the day.

That night I met my wife in our bedroom. She was watching the season's first episode of Hell's Kitchen on the tv. I took my shirt off and sat on the bed. I then slid my socks and jeans off with my back facing her. She didn't say a thing but after crawling under the covers with her we became close. I put my leg on her thigh and she opened her legs. I started to rub her. After some pleasing her she reached down and pulled the waist band of my panties. She started to rub me. She's found this technique of putting her palm inside between my belly and cock with her thumb moving up and down my shaft on the outside of my panties. I think it satisfies her wanting to hold my manhood while satisfying my desire to be "pantyrubbed"

We continued and had fantastic sex. As I write this this morning I'm wearing the same black panties. I wonder if she'll say anything about them today when she empties the bags.

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